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I am back Eh!

Lets put in simple words!

3000+ miles of air travel
900+ kms of road travel
Short and not so Short Hikes
Lakes with color I had never imagined in my life
an over-speeding ticket :/ !

and did I mention

walking on a glacier?

oh and Greek food and Italian food

and.... will write in the next post... or maybe next to the next... for now... some photographs!


  1. oh my!! where have you been.. the place looks amazing!!

  2. O Prashant ! Amazing pics..I am spell bound.. where all have you been ?? I am envious of you now...Will wait for more updates..

  3. ticket bole to challan :) mubarak ho bhai. Aapne US ki dharti par bhi UP ka chalan kayam rakha

    amazing pics.. :)... kisi din waqt mile to batana baat karte hain and i need your phone number as well. please mail

  4. beautiful pics :)

    you did air, road, hikes, hills, lakes, valleys, plains - all this over a weekend? that's unbelieveable!
    this must be one helluva trip :)

  5. Beautiful .. superb ... I like almost all the photographs specially the hills and the lake.. Brilliant work done!!

  6. Welcome back..
    your presence was missed!!
    beauitful pics as always..look forward to the details!!

  7. Namastey!
    Yahan, Chai ki dukaan pe to sannata hi cha gaya tha...shukr hai, mayuri ne yahan thodi ronak kar di thi :)
    Welcome back! :)

    Okay, let me tell you - these pictures literally took my breath away. SIGH!!!!!!
    Where did you go? Where is this heaven on earth??? The travel enthusiast in me just can't wait to read the travelogue. Please, please post soon...really soon.

  8. now speeding ticket is not a first, i had in mind :))

    but looking at the empty..and smooth roads....no one coul blame you for speeding :))..patta hi nahi chale...kya speed hai, if the eyes were not constantly on the speedometer.

    mut have some experience when the cop would have begun to tail you and asked you to pull up to the side...but you srvived and lived to tell the tale....:)))

  9. bhai..tu sahi hai...bahut badhiya...bahut hi awesome

  10. @ Wishes Galore
    the place (read places) were amazing without a doubt!!!

    @ Reetika
    i have been to a few places here and there!

    @ Aseem
    haan bhai chalaan!!!
    tu mujhe gmail par ek email kar... phir karte hain vartalaap!

    @ Mayuri
    hey! thanks!

    yea, that was a bit too much for an extended weekend, but then if you do not pack things up and take concentrated doses of amazingness in these 3 days, how do you survive in the rest of the working days?

    @ Sana
    thank you very much!

    @ Vaishali
    thanks! glad to be back!


    @ Swati
    Chai ki dukaan kholne ke liye main mayuri ko bol kar gaya thaa! she was kind enough to do the favor!

    This place is not too far away... infact places like these are never too far away from Delhi either!

    I will post something soon! am tight on time these days!

    @ Joy
    it is my first... what did you have in mind? samjha nahin main!

    the ticket was less dramatic than that actually... passed through a speed check radar.... and got clicked... the ticket is yet to arrive... :)

    @ Kshitiz

    @ Aro
    hai na !!! aaya maza?

  11. yea - sorry it was a bit of a garbled comment...what i meant was-

    there were many firsts for you on this weekend trip, i never expected a ticket to be in the list of firsts :)

    am looking forward to more photographs....abhi dil nahi bhara..far from it..so bring em on...

  12. CONGRATS :)

    kitne ki ticket mili tujhe :) ?

    chai shot is sahii

  13. Speeding photo radar ticket, eh! :D
    Tch tch! :D

  14. @ Joy..
    I understood when I read it again :P and after you clarified!

    yea... i shall post some more photographs soon!

    @ Tanu
    chup kar be!!!!

    @ Jas
    i was fast, but not fast enough for that flash!!! darn!!!! next time i will be faster :D

  15. the pics r good, but still Leh beats it,,anyways to the extent that i have seen the pics :-) Next yr Leh ka plan almost pakka hai,,waapis aa jaa, safari le ke jaayenge.

  16. welcome back dude.
    Those are some amazing pics . Very hard to pick out one fave.
    Head over to IHC this wkend. Along with another photographer friend and a painter friend, am exhibiting a few of my pics from Japan. Look for transitions on fb if you haven't got the invite already.
    Take care

  17. OhhhhWWoooowwwwww......

    I can only imagine in my mind..what great time you would have there....great pics..and great place to be..!