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Not Nine Not Eleven

My heart goes out to those people who lost their loved ones in 9/11... and kudos to America for taking some tough stands after that incident!

At the same time, I cannot ignore the fact that some amount of brain have been behind causing 9/11 and all such similar incidents!

Click here to see some heartwarming and some amazing photographs related to 9/11.

And I have been reading about how India and Pakistan are arguing like kids on what happened in Bombay! It is so shameful for us as a nation and disrespectful to people who lost their lives and the ones who lost someone important! Is it that we Indians do not know how to take a stand or are we people who can be walked over with ease?


  1. god knows when we will take a concerete stand...

    people are now arguing over taj attacks and soon they will forget about it like they did in the case of akshardham or mumbai-1993..

  2. It was tragic what happened 8 yrs back..Hope such events are not repeated in the future!!

  3. @ Mayuri
    i don't think that is going to happen in the near future...till this country sees a very strong leadership! not much will change!

    We tend to let go easy! there are so many people in the country that we can easily forget about a few losing their lives in such acts! there is going to be something new to ponder and fight about!!!!

    I also wonder whatever happened to big and large initiatives that people started after mumbai attacks... its like a fresh can of soda... open it... see bubbles and like it or not, the fizz WILL die down in a while!


    @ Vaishali
    yes it was! I hope so too buddy! but I sincerely doubt if there would not be any in India...

  4. We Indian's do not have the guts to take a stand for what we believe is out wrong, period!

    Never in history have we taken a stand for anything. And that has become our character now!

    I should not have seen this post after seeing such lovely post above!

    I will re-visit the cutie pie again ..