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Das Leben der Anderen

or "The Lives of Others" is a movie set in the 1980s when Germany was still divided between east and west Germany. The movie shows how Stasi, the secret police of GDR (German Democratic Republic or East Germany) used to bug houses of people they suspected for being unfaithful to the leadership.

Its about a German surveillance officer while working on a project to find reasons to frame a dramatist and writer because a minister has developed liking towards the writer's girlfriend, starts to understand their point of view better and questions his own principals and faithfulness to Stasi.

Beautifully presented, this is a must see in case you are interested in some serious drama. I always am impressed by the use of light and camera in such movies. Its amazing!

The movie is in German and you would need to read through the subtitles unless you find an English dubbed version of it.

You could read the entire plot on wiki, however I would recommend against it as it kind of gives away the entire story. Find the movie, watch it, and make an opinion!

Another movie that I just finished watching is "Primal Fear" starring Richard Gere and Edward Norton. What a brilliant performance by Edward Norton in this movie. The movie is based on a novel by William Diehl and revolves around a trial where Richard Gere is trying to protect the accused. Excellent pace, lovely characterization, and a brilliant twist! loved it!


  1. Dono hi sunane mein to bahut hi heavy movies lag rahi hain..good you enjoyed watching them!!

  2. i recently saw "Perfume"
    Amazing concept, try to watch it

  3. hum..will look for them :) Sounds interesting!

  4. @ Vaishali
    hain to sahi, par bahut achchi movies hain !!! something that will keep you tied to your seat while watching!

    @ Burf
    added it to my netflix queue... will watch it soon!

    @ FighterJet
    do that! you will like them!