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love, my friend, is like...

Ever loved someone very much and wondered why they don't seem to care?
Ever whispered something to someone, and wondered why they don't seem to hear?

Well my friend,
you did not realize,
that love is like a pesticide....

Think about it... how does pesticide work?
You have to have the right amount of dose sprinkled all over for it to be effective...

Concentrate it too much, it would not work
Dilute it too much, it would not work either
Overuse it, and pests would get used to it, and develop immunity, it would not work
Under-use it, its not effective enough, umm, it would not work!!!

My take on it...

Sprinkle it, but know how much is too much!


  1. joyfully still laffing :PThu Sep 17, 08:42:00 AM IST

    hahahah...the song that came to mind is which goes....
    mardala....mardala!!...i think from devdas... :P

    love in the times of pesticide...this is so funny...true but funny ..pesticide !!..kya analogy hai :)

    catch is, right mix ki recepie bhi to alag hai sab ke liye....i guess pest pest par depend karta hai...cockroach ke liye alag and chuhe ke liye thodasa different ...ROTF

  2. Hahahaha...
    sachh hai par bahut hi funny analogy hai.
    'Pyar aur Pesticide!!!!'
    Omzi, tumhara jawab nahi :D

  3. AILO.. aur koi cheez nahi mili thi.. pesticide.

    But je baat to sahi kahi hai ki "Concentrate it too much, it would not work"

  4. what an idea sir ji!! :)

    a right mix... that's exactly my take on love... except that i'll say 'pixie dust' instead of 'pesticides'

    but the way you penned it is very funny, very true & very practical..
    (am still laughing and everyone in my lab is giving me weird looks!!!)


  5. Wow Prashant..now that was innovative..I have never heard,seen,believed that Love could be compared to Pesticide..whaoo..but the comparison is pretty good..I kinda agree to what you say..
    but dont pesticides change with season,depending on the crop and stuff??
    Wonder if we could just fall in love with new people every season!!

  6. ha ha ha .. the analogy is absolutely original and hilarious..
    I give you 100/100 on that..

    But i disagree because a GOOD QUALITY pesticide IF chosen correctly for the right PEST will have an effect irrespective of the quantity and time.

    It all about the 'PERFECT MATCH' or 'Killer Combination', NO pest can survive that no matter how much they have been genetically modified.. :)

  7. now when the humour from the analogy is over, taking on from what Iam has said...

    i would say that love is not pesticide and neither is the lover a pest!!!!!:)

    love that is based on: acceptance, mutual affection, trust, and a deep connection brings with it a compatability....

    then,there is no need to be guarded, or measure out doses of affection...or feeling suffocated..

    if it is hard work,if it is guarded, is measured, if it needs to be begged for it is not love, in any case it is not mutual love! and one sided love is no fun now !!

    if one's loving whispers are not being heard...then it is the worng ear one is whispering in

    ..it is then time to move on where one's love is appreciated

    my take on the situation you described :)

  8. Interesting take, PB!

    And Joy, very well said!

  9. @ Joy
    yea... I did not really have a song in mind when I was writing this!!!

    you are right... every person would have a different need and way to give and accept...

    @ Swati
    well!!! Jawab to hai! mila nahin hai abhi tak!

    @ Iya
    for your benefit... lets replace the word pesticide by sugar in a coffee cup...

    makes you feel better?

    @ Burf

    @ Mayuri
    you know we could really replace the word pesticide with anything... it's not really the term pesticide that I am focussing on... my point is too much or too little of anything would make it ineffective!


    @ Vaishali
    pesticides to change... the way to love does too... isn't it? on a cold winter evening you would like to cuddle up... on a cool rainy afternoon you would want to get wet in sprinkles or sit on the porch sipping tea or coffee...

    its not about falling in love with a new person, its about how you manage what you have already!

    what say?

    @ Tanu

    I do not completely agree with you... try using the best quality pesticide on a crop over and over again, and I bet you anything that immunity would be developed against it!

    Perfect match and killer combination are more like it! I like that!

    @ Joy
    I am sorry that you are taking it too literally! Like I said to Iya, lets replace pesticide with sugar and the crop/farm with your tea cup!!!!

    too much does not work there
    too li'il does not work there

    and you know what :) I can write pages on what love is, how beautiful it is, acceptance, respect, trust, deep connections and that you cannot measure it, and you should not feel suffocated and so on and so forth... while I do agree with everything that you said, I still believe that there has to be balance between things...

    What I am referring to is a situation where one does not know how much is too much... Call me an insensitive freak, but I think as a person we all need to know how much a person can take, anything more than that is just a waste and would only cause issues and would do no good!

    your take is good and beautiful... my take is ... well.. mine! :)

    @ Jas
    you bet!

  10. hey nice post...and a interesting take on love...even more interesting are the comments :)
    I agree on the how much is too much part...all in all love is a mystery...

  11. on reading the heading i thought it would be some romantic type post..but seriously sir kya analogy hain;)) all the lines made sense..loved the line "overuse it n they develop immunity" hmmm..

  12. i have a sense of what you were saying, did not take it literally, even agree...to some extent...

    but i like to have a more postive outlook to some of the nicer things in life...and added my own ...tea spoon of sugar to the post :))...

  13. @ Shruti

    @ Wishes Galore
    thanks !!!!

    @ Joy
    I appreciate that!

    I did not like the use of "more" in your second paragraph! I don't think having a realistic approach is any less positive than an approach driven by in a perfect world thought...

    but then like we see in this post, everyone has their take on what love is about! like my tea, I like it with not too much of sugar :)

  14. right... i couldnt agree more with you here :)

  15. Agreed..I think love remains there for ever,just the way of expressing it change..
    but I really dont understand "drawing the line waala part",if u love someone , you simply love them..you never measure or realise when its getting "too much".I mean its plain and simple love..when you are in love you tend to go extends for that one special person!! Its never too much..

  16. ah really!!..less sweet!! is that so for everything? .....gulab jamun also :)...pastry??..dessert also? :D

    lets see :)

  17. haan meri coffee ki sugar cube is the perfect analogy.. aaj hi zyada par gayi and pura cup fekna para :P

  18. Go tell her dude!
    What are you wsiting for?
    And yeah, make judicial use of your pesticide! ;)

  19. Love is like the slow burning ember which keeps all around warm and glowing.. in the dark of the night.. too much of that and its ashes to ashes.. :) but then its just me being silly.. he he

  20. Makes a lot of sense in a nonsensical way.. :)

  21. That is an excellent analogy...
    I totally relate to this post. and just keeps me wondering..

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