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Wake me up when September ends!

Knowing how much I love Radha, it would be a shame if I would not write about a milestone in my relationship with her! right?

thank you Vaishali for pointing that out!

There are so many memories that have been associated with her that I would not even know where to start and end...

  • The first time I saw her, I knew she was going to be mine
  • The extreme personification of something that a lot of people would call just a car
  • The fact that most people who know about her call her Radha too!
  • That I was using a Rs. 250 radio to listen to music for the first few months because I was totally broke after I got the car
  • That I feel the most secure when I am driving around with her
  • That she probably has one of the best audio quality that I know of... what else do you expect from a combination of Sony, JBL, and Blaupunkt?
  • That it has saved my family from an accident which would have been a nightmare in any other car
  • That she is one of the finest machines, one of the safest cars and of course one of the smartest looking cars that runs on Indian Roads
  • That she is a perfect example of what friendships should be like
  • And that she still looks as beautiful as she looked the first day I met her :)

and a lot more!

This September is a special month for me! a lot of things happened including Chai ki Dukaan celebrating 5 years, some things and thoughts moving at the personal front, and my EMIs for the car getting over! now I can start saving for the Enfield I have been eyeing for a while! :P

Speaking of cars, this weekend I drove the largest SUV I have been in, so far! A Toyota Sequoia. It was a 4.6 litre, 32 Valve V8 engine which produces a mind boggling 310 bhp@ 5400 rpm! The pictures below should tell you something about the size too!

Title courtesy : Green Day
Photographs with me in them, courtesy : Pritam


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  2. Mine is Land Cruiser.. RAnge Rover.. I just droollllll :) Radha is so cute.. I am in a second relationship now.. My first : Silverline.. I had to give away..
    Whitefeather.. gyrates a lot.. getting used to it.. hahaha !! He has a mind of his own.. and loves showing off.. LOL

  3. omg, this Toyota Sequioa.. so grand!! this looks like real SUV

    n hope your journey with Radha continues..:))

  4. Many more lucky,goody good septembers to come..
    All the best!!

  5. I keep recalling and posting something or the other,but this ones the last..BTW wasnt last september also speical for u..a lot of achievements..another "Wake me up when September ends!"

  6. hey, it ws so good to see a post on radha.. been sometime since u heard about her...nice pics there, and you look fab! :)

    may god always bless ur septembers & and other 11 months too!

    btw, when is radha's bday? (sorry, i forgot)

  7. @ Joy !!!

    I sure am :) thanks!

    @ Swati
    I am a lucky guy too to have her with me!

    @ Jaspreet
    phaji, that is an inappropriate comment! she is a good friend!

    @ Tushar
    chup be!

    @ Pallavi
    I looooooooove Landcruiser!!! wishlist has it!

    I read about the whitefeather when you got it! I really like it too!

    @ Richa

    @ Wishes Galore
    thanks ! It was real "big" SUV typical America stuff!!!


    @ Sam

    @ Vaishali

    i love this song too..

    and I also think that this title has been used before on the blog :)

    @ Aseem

    @ Mayuri
    shukriya may!!!!

    Radha's birthday has a few dates :) she was brought home a few days earlier before her first drive out to the streets on 29th of Feb!

    @ Workhard

  8. Light-hearted comment may have left a bad taste hence deleted. Apologies..