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(KA) Road Pati !

How does the thought of driving from New Delhi to Kanya Kumari sound like?


I was on a road trip just about that distance long this weekend!

A total of close to 1600 miles driven in 3 days across 4 states in the US!

Thank you Uncle God for getting me back to Milwaukee safe and sound!

the photograph is from a different trip!


    1600 miles in 3 days across 4 states in the US sounds FUN!!! Superb! You deserve a pat on your back, 'ghumakkad ram' :)

    I was busy ogling at that sexy machine. Just when I was about to ask if you covered that distance on that HOTTIE ;) I read that the photograph is from a different trip.

    Yeah! We are happy that you are back - safe and sound - to share the experience and photographs with us on chai ki dukaan.
    Jaldi upload karo :)))

  2. did i miss the pic's some where ?

  3. sounds cool..My parents actually went on a road trip from delhi to Kanya Kumari way back in '78 after their marriage..that too in an ambassador we had then..
    You know they carried even the gas stove and daily necessities alongg with them!!
    So how was urs???

  4. @ Swati
    yea, it was a nice trip! will upload some pictures soon!

    @ Richa

    @ Tanu
    no you did not

    @ Vaishali
    really !!! wow!!!!!

    my trip was fanastic! I did not carry a stove though! but I would sometime soon in India!