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Jungle mein mangal!

Another weekend, another trip! Simple :) wish a few other things were this simple too!

I am not going to post details of the trip to the mountains that I went to last weekend, but clear my backlog from the trip to door county that I went for!

The most interesting thing about this trip was that I was not aware of the destination till the time we started driving! Infact because the directions were to a new place, I did not know where was I going till I reached!

The trip was called "Is Jungle se mujhe bachao" and it was about a set of challanges over two days between two teams randomly selected... I was the captain of one of the two teams and Shailendra led the other team!

The Pontiac Vibe I was driving!

So we reached our destination in about 4 hours... and this was a lovely wood cabin, with 4 bedrooms and lovely settings inside... The first rule of the house was that Guys were to cook and our lunch was some amazing mattar paneer, dal, rice and paranthas! After a full lunch started our games !!!!

A total of 11 people were staying in this cabin some 4 hours north of Milwaukee... Beautifully made place with a place to sleep about 15 people.... had a nice elaborate kitchen and lovely living room, and loads of playing space outside....

This was probably one of the first things that happened! Beer Cans on the table outside... I wonder what is the connection of traveling and alcohol. Most of the people who like to drink like to see traveling as a drinking opportunity more than anything else. Though the group I was with did not drink much.

Our challenges were divided into jungle challenges and maha jungle challenges with a different point system... my team started with 3 points less than the other team because we had answered some quiz questions incorrectly...

Some of the games that we participated in were
1. Jungle Fashion show...

oh... my team's name was Mattar Paneer with Miller Lite and our slogan was

Khao Piyo Mast Jiyo
Dhoom Machao Jeet ke Jao

and back to the games now..
2. Getting water from the wild
3. Collecting 3 live animals
4. Karela Eating
5. Mushrooms eating
6. Banana eating (with the peel)
7. Shrimps eating
8. Raw Eggs (breaking and having them)

And then a maha jungle challenge... my team was supposed to make a Ravan, and the other team was to put up a 10 seater tent! What you see below is the Ravan that we made!

There were loads of ball games as well which we enjoyed thoroughly... I also managed to sneak out for a small walk and some photography during a break!

By the evening, all of us were exhausted but we did acknowledge that we had an amazing time so far. There were a couple of challenges at this hour as well which involved counting things in the dark! scary!

And we also had a huge bonfire! The sky was absolutely clear that night and it was full of stars! The only time I have seen a better sky was when we had camped at Pangong Tso in Ladakh!

We slept around 2 am and got up early too! I had Gaurav's phone with me, and I set an alarm for 8 am and woke up when the phone rang as well! I did wake some of the other guys up in my room asking them to come for a walk outside!

About hour an hour later I realized that I had woken up because of the 6 am alarm on Gaurav's phone and not the 8 am one that I had set! :P

I did not realize the last night while parking the car that it would turn out to be a nice photo opportunity with the dull grey and the shiny red of the car contrasting each other well...

The next day was a light one in terms of games, but we did play a few... including one where we had finish 30 golgappas! I participated in that one, and WON :D

The breakfast was some lovely Poha and Chai ...

Overall, this was one of the very few trips with such a large group that I have been in, and needless to say, I enjoyed it thoroughly!!!! One of the important things being, that team won, even though we started with 3 points less :) It was the last game which turned out to be a deciding game as well! thrilling competition!

And all of us heading back to our homes happily :)

Will write about the other two trips soon...

1. The 3 day weekend in Canada
2. The 1600 mile roadtrip


  1. jangal mein mangaal indeed :))

    what an amazing time you had......the fun is soo obvious....and infectious.....what a fun fun fun time.....its reminding me of college times :)

    this jungle fashion show sounds verry interesting ;)

    3 live animals??? -what did you guys find

    golgappas....bas 30!!..woh to aap breakfast mein kha jao :P..waise dry one's ke pani wale...

    ravan..bonfire....stars...karela...wow....bahut mazza aayya padkar...

    and i am not going to say it....about the pics....bahut ho gaya....that they are awesome :P

  2. even i stayed in same kind of cabin there... the water sports are also amazing there. but door county looks excellent in fall.
    amazing set of pictures here!

  3. Yaar, this sounds so.....much fun!

    I'm curious to know tum logon kaun se 3 zinda janwar pakde...and olgappay wala competition sounds FUN! Agar main hoti to iss game main tumko hara deti :P hehehe

    Photographs are really awesome and the little girl is very sweet...ek dum doll :)

    ...But I'm disappointed bcoz you are not posting the details of the mountain trip :( I mean, jab se pics(teaser) dekhi thi tab se i have been coming to chai ki dukan every day to hoping you've posted the details of the trip but now..:((
    anyway! Looking fwd to read the other 2 travelogues.

  4. Wow..kya concept hai.."Is Jungle se mujhe bachao" and teams bhi thi..cool!!
    so this was a jungle in real..as in proper jungle,nt a nakali jungle like the one in that show???

    Loved all the pics as alws!! specialy those lovely phools!!
    loved those blue ones..havnt seen any of these in real ever..what are these??
    ohh..and that purple room is just fantastic!!
    whaoo and ur games seemed pretty interesting..something,very less people would want to do ))
    however best being the Ravan makin one..that was innovative!!but who was the judge??

    oye uthne ka baad tym nhn dekha tha..ki 8 baje hain ya 6 ?? :P :P

  5. nice pics and such an innovative trip!!
    loved the post, the idea, the pictures, and specially the cute little girl!!:))

  6. that's a perfect weekend-getaway, so are the pics!!!

    i am planning three consecutive weekends trips in the coming weeks, including srisailam sanctuary.
    and thanks to you, i have some ideas in my kitty to inject more fun into my plans :D

  7. Pretty pictures!
    I love the blue flower, and the little girl is so cute!

    So how many kilometers/miles did you ride that bike for? :D

  8. WWWWWWWOOooo who is this adorable kid ?

    Very very cuteeee

    pucchiiii to her

  9. hey!!!
    ur pictures just keep getting better and better :) man! and last time i visited i thought these pictures r the coolest and now u amaze me wit even better clicks!am thorougly impressed :) keep 'em comin :)