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The 7 button!

How many times has it happened with you that you end up pressing an already lit up floor button or atleast move your finger towards and stop just short of touching it, in an elevator?

I bet a lot of times!

Happens with me so often!

I work on the 7th floor these days, like a lot of other people and more often than not I end up either pushing the 7 button or stop just short of it when I see it lit...

The point is that I move into the elevator with a thought in mind... that I have to get to the 7th floor and that I need to press the button.. the hand is already ready to push the button when it realizes that its already lit!

Think about it for a second about some similar other situations too.. where the mind conditions you to do/think/make/move/expect/reject/want something and by the time you realise its too late you have already done that... just that in those cases, the time lag is lot more than the elevator story that I was talking about!

Typical situations when you first blame someone else for something and then yourself, and then sulk and then feel like an idiot thinking that you made of fool out of yourself! very typical! but a fact... and problem is that its a fact and it was conditioned to happen this way, without it being someone's fault! but we humans kind of feel better after we have blamed someone for something that went wrong, doesn't matter if its ourselves! I am not saying that this is correct for 100% of the situations... I know where people are at fault, and I also know that in such cases someone or the other is temporarily blinded by emotions or feelings or what not! I myself being an example of making a complete idiot of myself for one of the biggest decisions of my life sometime back! And at the same time I am also proud of myself for doing a few things that most other people would not have done in similar situations!

Some facts are facts... why what when who and things like that don't really matter! what matters is that it happened and its past tense! learn and move on!

Having said that I am sure I would press that 7 button tomorrow morning when I enter the elevator! :)


  1. Haha so true@typical situations when you first blame someone else for something and then yourself, and then sulk

    Also, I so agree with you, when you say... we humans kind of feel better after we have blamed someone for something that went wrong...

    very nice random post and read...at a right time :)

  2. It happens with me all the time,when Iam waiting for the elevator, even when I see the up/downbutton pressed, I wonder if pressing the button again would move the lift faster??
    And I think its very common to regret about something already done/not done..I do it very often..realise my mistakes soon after I have made them,when there is less left to rectify it, but never the less,Life gives you a secong chance,so make use of it..do press the 7th button, like I do every day (I sit on the 7th floor too)

  3. That's a cool observation. Happens to me many a times, for me it's the 4 button though! There's something else that has also happened very often. My office is about a 20 minutes walk from home. Many a time's when I leave from home I tend to get a little lost in my own thoughts. Not noticing people walking by my side, vehicles passing etc. But I still reach the office on time and without fail. Only after i reach, I realize that I didn't remember anything about walking the whole way down! It's strange the sub-conscious mind knows where I'm going but I'm actually thinking about things totally different.

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  4. interesting ....the abstract to concrete thinking you do...i enjoy reading your thoughts !!

    but i have to admit....i did not really understand it completely...there is a mysterious "fact" you are talking about..jo samajh nahi aaya...


    if we blame others, we don't take responsibility for our feelings, our action. the tuth is how i feel about a situation, is purely in my hands...if something i want does not happen i may react badly...(very often there is some good in it not happening for me ...but at that time our vision is too limited/clouded, to see this higher good.)

    on the other hand if i blame, myself, i will feel angry, or hurt....and victimised...and feel bad saying " bad things always happen to me"....again..don't take responsibility....again no learning happens...and till i will not learn the event will keep re-occuring.

    the moment i stop think, learn and grow from a difficult situation, instead of blaming ....the event will stop recurring...

    this i see everyday in my life and work...

  5. That is an interesting thought - to add to it - with these subconcious actions one gets trained to do them and then they become a habit....thus I think to break a habit one needs to keep cultivating new outlets...

    so tomorrow if you move to 9th...first few days will be concious effort but then it will come naturally and so it is with anger, desire, addiction....