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Time Travel

It’s really a matter of time...

Isn't it? or is it?

Imagine a situation where you can move 100 times as fast as anything imaginable... would you be able to walk right into future? theoretical, maybe! because you have moved ahead of everyone, everything... but it’s a li'il hard to imagine.. but imagine a time when what takes 24 hours for the rest of everything you know, can be done in, say, 10 hours by you...A controlled increase in speed should take you to a "relative" future state...

Also if you are able to slow down... like reeeeeeeeeally reeeeeeeeeeally slow down, would you not be able to move back into the past? because the rest of the world has moved ahead! and so has the trees, and the earth, and the snow and everything else too... going by the same example... 24 hours for the rest of the existence would mean, umm let's say, 36 for you...and a controlled reduction in speed should take you to a "relative" past.
if you can switch between the fast and slow at your own sweet will, you will be able to time travel!

This of-course depends heavily on what you consider a constant... because present, past and future are only relative terms... tomorrows' past is today, but today is also yesterday's future... so be a li'il careful with choosing your reference marks! also if the reference moves around then the entire calculation of the past, present and future can go for a toss, and you will land up in a totally parallel world! How about that!

I really wish I was able to pictorially or visually represent what I am writing right now! damn it!



  1. :D

    Kya tha yeah? jo bhi tha but hilla dene wala tha. Jo neend meri chai nahi khol pa rahi thi, woh iss post ne khol di. lol!

  2. apne doodle ko scan karke daal do

  3. Wah..kya heavy-light post hai..kehne ke liye simple thought hai, but socho to complex hai..

  4. when you slow down, you don't go in the past; you just become the Past.
    Am I right? Same goes for the future prospects doesn't it.
    Just discuusing. :)

  5. @ Swati
    hmm.... dhyaan se pado... samajh aayega!!

    @ Burf
    doodle dimag mein hai bhai..

    @ Vaishali
    simplicity mein hi hoti hai na complexity or maybe the other way round!

    @ Abhi
    bhai bahut achcha perspective hai... here are my two cents...

    If you feel you are the past, then the past is your present when you traveled into... like i said that the point of reference is important... and another thing is the control to travel back in the future of the past which is the present :)

    kya bolta hai?