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Bon Jour = Hello
Merci = Thank you
Arret = STOP
Sorte = Exit
Sud = South
Est = East
Ouest = West
Nord = North
Rue = Street
Ouvert = Open

My first lessons in French came to me in the second largest French speaking city in the world! Am I in France? no! I am in Canada and the city is also the fashion capital of Canada, Montreal!!!

So far I was able to see some english along with French words, but as of right now, I am totally away from anything written in English!!! May God be with us!!!

And Merry Christmas everyone!!! It makes a ton of difference to see the Christmas spirit first hand!!!

Also if someone could tell me the connection between Santa and birth of Jesus, I would be grateful!


  1. Merry Xmas!!
    Enjoy your stay there!!

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  3. All I know about Santa Claus is that there is some relation between him and Coca Cola,probably his red dress introduced by Coca Cola in 30's I guess..

    Meanwhile enjoy x-mas :)

  4. enjoy your christmas and montreal trip :-)

    ummm, i m not sure of the connection between jeus (his birth) and santa clause..
    but what i recall from storybooks, santa clause (st nicholas), father christmas and father frost are some mythological figures who
    1) personify the spirit of xmas and 2) believed to bring goodies and cheer to children over x-mas...