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It gets better...

When I was having an early dinner in an Indian restaurant in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio on my way back from Smokey Mountains to Milwaukee, I felt that it was the best Indian food in a restaurant I had in the US...

Little did I know that I would travel all the way to Ottawa, capital city of Canada to realize that things could get better!!!

I just had dinner at East India Company Restaurant on the W Somerset Street, in downtown Ottawa and I have to say that it has the best buffet menu, the best assortment of pickles and chutneys, lovely sweets and the BEST taste!

It might just be better than most of the Mughlai restaurants that I have eaten in India too! yumm yumm!!!!

So next time you feel it cannot get any better! trust me! It will!


  1. Arre wah..home food,away from home..badiya hai!!
    Nothing can beat our good ol' Indian cusine

  2. sounds yummm! :-)

    and i agree with your concluding remarks- things just get better every time.. :-)

  3. oh..i am a fan of yours..the positivity n optimism you observer in every thing you come across..love it!!

    Keep rocking!!!

  4. just drinking the 4th garam chai.

  5. i guess we are talking of the vegetarian food in India's Mughlai restaurants?

    But I still agree... things keep on getting better

  6. Indian food are the best in the whole world!!!!!!!!!