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2009 in Pictures - April

The biggest thing about April 2009 was 30on30... It was a personal achievement which brought immense satisfaction to me, and I am glad that the thought worked so well! April was also about some warm days, more rain, less snow, and some cold days too...

My birthday was celebrated by cutting an Apple pie instead of a cake because the gang from MSP could not find a cake shop on their way to Milwaukee on my birthday... it was nice to have friends on birthday night, though birthdays usually are no big deal for me...

We thought of going to 6-flags, the amusement park about an hour south of Milwaukee, but it was too cold to get on the rides and we had to come back, much to disappointment of Deepak who wanted to go inside... Later in the year, we did manage to get to the park and enjoy a few rides...

We also visited the Miller Brewery in Milwaukee that weekend... For those who did not know, Milwaukee is famous for its beer as well! At one point of time, it used to have the largest number of breweries in the US.

After the free tour, you get to taste the 3 key beers that Miller makes at this brewery!

I also got my flash in April... the macro lens and the flash unit were my birthday presents to myself... I suck at using flash in photographs, and have to learn how to use it... one item on my to-do list for 2010...

Talking of places to visit, I also spent a few days at the Milwaukee Art Museum in April...

April 10th was cold for sure... but there were really warms days in April too... the picture says it all I guess!

Rain and the macro lens... good combination if you know how to use it well... My first attempt and much below average, still does not stop me from posting a few pictures I liked from that evening...

This brings me to the end of a wonderful first quarter of the new year! The other months' pictures can be seen here if you have not seen them already...

See you later with some pictures from May!


  1. Wishing many more warm Aprils to you!

  2. Lovely photographs!!
    and once again..congratulations to your 30 on 30 success..cant believe its been almost a year already ;-)

  3. hmm..I second Jas.
    interesting tea-pots at the museum.

    May the new year bring lots of happiness for you & all the chaiwalas.

    A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone at Chai ki Dukaan.

  4. april showers bring may flowers....

  5. Great shots!
    Keep the comming more in 10'

    wishing u the best of 2010.

  6. @ Richa

    @ Vaishali
    thank you so much!

    @ Tushar
    thank you bro

    @ Jas
    me loves those tea pots too… there are more coming up..

    @ Swati

    same to you

    @ :)
    they did

    @ FJ
    thanks! and same to you! :)