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What's in a name?

To be honest, at times I feel there is not much in a name, and at other times I feel exactly the opposite...

A name can make a whole of difference to the perception of people who hear it, mostly in cases of things/places/people/parks/highways or let's say... Hospitals...

I was walking in downtown Toronto (yes, Canada!) yesterday, and came across this hospital names Sick Kids hospital! I did not feel good about this name at all.. the name has such a strong emphasis on Sick Kids that I feel a statistical study into the time that it takes for kids to get better this hospital might just suggest that it takes longer for kids to get better here than other hospitals!

Everytime someone uses this name they talk about sickness and associated it with a kid.. like it or not, believe it or not, but this way we are talking about "sick kids" like the name and not kids who are going to go there to get better...

I seem to be making sense to myself, but not sure if it makes sense to anyone else! never mind! A request that I would have though who reads this is to remember that a hospital is a place where you go to "get better" and not because someone is sick... the way we say it makes a whole lot of difference in the way we look at it!


  1. Hey Prashanth

    Nice to see the Tower on your blog and also your perspective on Sickkids. Hmmm...to tell you the truth...some of the kids who are there really dont get better. they just pass away! its sad but true!

  2. agreed.

    why would you name it "sick kids" instead of say "get well soon"(pathetic =P() for that matters.

  3. @ Joe
    I am so glad to see you here bro! I hope they change the name :/

    @ Vagabond

  4. Yeah..its such a sad and depressing name..it cant make anyone (feel) better!!