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2009 in Pictures - March

Before you go ahead and check March photographs, make sure that you have a look at January and February pictures too....

March from the photographs looked like a month with mostly beautiful skies with occasional rain (which meant that the temperature was well above freezing) however it ended with loads of snow!!!

Views from the 13th floor of my office building... I miss this window a lot these days !!!

Like I said, it was a month of beautiful skies....

And I found some natural artwork on the ground too...

The artwork continued to my kitchen with some effort going in cooking food for myself and getting surprised with the tasty results...

This is me behind a record... taken by Preet...

And like I said, it had rained that month too... i remember this day when I wanted to go out, but just could not because it would not stop raining...

March also celebrated St. Patrick's day, an Irish festival... This day kind of marks the entry of spring to Milwaukee too, but it was long before anything related to summer or spring came to Milwaukee... That day though sunny and happy, was very cold!!!!

I think I used to look smart in March too...photograph taken by preet...

and like I said, the month ended with loads of snow... here is a Toyota Rav4 that I had rented for a weekend in March... as you can see, there was something about 30 going on in my mind that time... I have written 30 on the window of the car...

Next is going to be April... the month when I turned 30, the month when 30on30 was launched and it turned out to be a huge success... one of the most memorable months of my life thanks to the overwhelming support that I got for the event!!!


  1. This was a flashback!!
    I remember reading about your visit to Milwaukee Arts Museum and your post about St.Patrick's day!!

    Aur tum to hamesha se hi smart ho..March was no different!! :P

    Look forward to your 30 on 30 urff April post!!Keep it coming!!

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  3. It seems you had a great March.. :-)

    Looking fwd for April..

  4. I love the lil red topis.. :D

  5. I agree with Vaishali. It's like a flashback for me too. Remember reading about these things and seeing a lot of green St. Patrick's Day pictures too.

  6. 30on30 brings a smile :)... a wonderful Idea... HATS off to you big bro... lovely pictures

  7. march main to tum definitely smart the :P

  8. @ Vaishali
    hehehhe... thank you for the assurance!!! i hope you are not in for a surprise when you see me :D


    @ Gaurav
    I sure had bhai!

    @ Sam
    me too me too

    @ Richa
    I was thinking of linking back to those posts, but did not! I guess it is enough to have just this post!!!!

    @ Aseem
    it sure does bro.. with the kind of support I got, it became such a amazingly memorable event for me!

    @ Preet
    hehehe... arn't you a darling!!!! :)

  9. haha...that they would be...surprised ...but then tu phir bhi smart hai bhai...

  10. Surprised ki shocked,wo to dekhne pe hi pata chalega :P :P