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2009 in Pictures - January

2009 started on a brilliant note for me... and its ending at a much brighter one!!!

Just one post is not going to do justice to what a wonderful year this has been... so I have decided to have 12 posts... mostly pictures to relive the time once again!!!

2009 started with a visit to Mecca of bikers, The Harley Davidson Museum!!! enjoy the photographs below...

Starting 2009 with going to see a bike which is 100 years old... pretty cool!

Pritam and gang's first of the many visits to Milwaukee... I am sure they enjoyed it... I loved it... it was having a family around me...


  1. Real beauties and so beautifully captured. :))

    Fav from these..the red one and the green one.

    PS: Honestly, yeh greedy dil maange more pics of HD.

  2. excellent, P! looking forward to the 11 to come :)

  3. Beautiful captures! Like the Santa hat accent! :)

  4. wow..amazing pictures...and such clarity..! the small red santa-caps looked too cute :)

  5. Neat pictures...looking forward to the series....

  6. Wah..bahut acha idea hai..good hai,to remember all the good times and thank God for each of them!!
    Pics to shaandar hai..I dont remember seeing of any of them pehle..nice treat to the eye..
    look forward to more!!

  7. oh and my favs from this stream would be - that green and yellow bike waali pic..and the third last pic (red bike waali)
    loved them!!

  8. By the way, I love the lamp and the hangers! Beautiful!

  9. ahhh...so your year started well ...because you visited the HD museum!!

    achha hai !!

    excellent photographs...

  10. @ Swati
    I have been to the HD museum again... maybe some pictures from the next visit..

    @ Charu
    thanks :) I hope you are liking the others!

    @ Jas
    me too!

    @ Jagriti
    thanks ! :)

    @ Ceedy
    thanks bro

    @ Vaishali
    You said a very right thing.. thanking God for the good times!!!!

    I am glad you have a few favorites!

    @ Deepak

    @ Jas
    you do! nice!

    @ J
    hehehe.. if you get into the details, there is a whole different reason why it started so well!!! for the sake of artefacts, yes it did start with a visit to the HD museum!!!

    but the starting well and visit to the HD museum do not have to be exclusive to each other!


    @ Aseem