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Am I imagining? really?

I was watching A Beautiful Mind after a strong recommendation from a friend. The movie is about John Nash who is a brilliant economist and mathematician. Also suffers from an acute case of Schizophrenia. He imagines people around him, imagines assignments that he is given to complete, and imagines responsibilities outside the normal world. Needless to say they are as real to him as reality would need!!! And there is no reason why he would ever know that they are not real!

This brings me to my thought here… are we all not suffering from Schizophrenia? At some level or the other! What is REAL? Other than the fruit juice brand, it is what we feel is REAL… and more often than not, fail to accept anything which is beyond our own definitions of reality and truth! Some people can call this gradual acceptance of reality beyond our own minds, growth, maturity or evolution (if you’d like to use it in a large picture)

Now I personally feel that it’s ok to have “my own” reality world around me. It is a true reflection of one’s inner self, his/her need/desires, ambitions, and wants… for someone outside this reality, this might be imagination, but for the person who is imagining, this is the truth!

It becomes a disease, or something that needs a cure, when and only when, the imaginator (that’s a nice term for someone who imagines, right?) disagrees to the fact that the world is more than just his her reality, and that the truth when his world integrates with the outside might not be necessarily how he/she imagined!

Heartbroken lovers who cannot give up on a failed relationship, Visionaries who dream of things and go get them, Obsessed people who just cannot accept that the other person is not responding with same feeling as theirs, the leaders who make people burn movie posters, attack out of their geographical state people and so on, these people who follow such leaders, the preachers and gurus who in disguise of showing path to truth only make disciples and followers, all such disciples and followers, women who feel they are looking gorgeous in a rather silly dress, people who day dream, people who night walk…



Are all schizophrenics !!!

Ever wondered if one of the so called schizophrenics is actually looking at the truth, and we living in a reality which is totally imagined?

The possibilities are limitless!


  1. Excellent post...
    Yes the possibilities are limitless.

    I often times think of it that way, sometimes I look in the mirror and ask myself, it is really me, or I am just imagining myself to be like that????

    Yes, the possibilities are endless.

  2. Beautiful post.

    I often have similar thoughts.

    and yes, the possibilities are endless.

  3. Very beautifully written!!
    and indeed a deep thought..I guess we are all living in our own imaginery worlds..and I love to be in there!!

  4. :)

    happy and excited for you...that your mind is thinking these beautiful deep thoughts...

    and since, perhaps we all do create our own reality....nothing is impossible in our world :)))

  5. for me a beautiful mind had one lovely message that i could not forget--every failure increases the probability of success for the next attempt...And movie is inspiring in a way that how to overcome shortcomings by sheer determination..It also shows how even such a gifted brainy mathematician has his own troubles with the brain...I will always remember this movie...

  6. My friend... you are thinking too much. just enjoy the chai..while it appears real. :-)

  7. @ Jas

    who knows... when your reflection looks at you she thinks the exact same thing! :)

    @ Swati
    hmm.... you bet they are!

    @ Vaishali

    we all are! you are right! and its a shame that some of us do not want to accept that there are things outside it the way we do not want them to be, including me at times!

    @ Joy

    @ Ankur
    sahi baat hai bhai!

    @ Gajraaj
    sir! I am so glad to see you here :)

  8. We all live in a world of imaginations...but guess what, sometimes that makes life exciting. I like to believe that what you imagine for yourself, happens to you. Like the way I am really imagining being in NYC on Jan 30th...:D

  9. We all live in a world of imaginations...but guess what, sometimes that makes life exciting. I like to believe that what you imagine for yourself, happens to you. Like the way I am really imagining being in NYC on Jan 30th...:D

  10. omg, i love this blog! its my first visit, and i love the look and feel for it.

    somehow, it reminds me of running through cobbled streets of Mumbai, with the tarmac wet from the monsoon rains. and in every corner there is some "chai walla" shouting out what they are selling, and their voices just echo around, bouncing off the multitudes of people thronging in and out.

  11. "R"
    Raat akeli hai, bujh gae diye.
    Aake mere paas, kaano mein mere.
    Jo bhi chaahe kahiye, jo bhi chaahe कहिये.

    'य' se gao

  12. oops! posted the comment in the wrong post...this was suppsed to go in the antakshari post :P

  13. this was A GOOD post, totally agree to the 'schizophrenic' world :) - TB

  14. Tum toh jaadugar zyada, chaiwaale kam nikle!
    Tum jo bhi likho, sahi ya galat, log sirf waah waah karte hai. Dimaag toh sabke paas hai. Lekin bhol jaate hai.

    Anyways, that's a killer talent you got!

  15. @ Mon
    thud sambhal kar imagine kar… most of it has the potential to come true!!

    @ Shan Shortcut
    thank you very much for the nice words… hope to see you around!

    @ Anony

    @ Anony
    i have to agree… though I do not really believe in the classification of right or wrong!