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2009 in Pictures - February

Its going to take quite a bit of effort to select the images, edit them for CKD and post them here, but I am willing to make that effort... I hope you are going to make an effort to browse those images as well...

If you missed it, photographs from January can be accessed by clicking here (Opens in a new window)

February was a month of a few firsts... and a few seconds and some thirds as well :)

After the freezing months of December and January, Feb brought a bit of sunshine and nice weather to Milwaukee... good enough to get out of the cosy comfort of your apartment and walk around... during one such walks, I went to the Milwaukee Art Museum too...

An artwork in the museum...

Warm morning sunlight....

The ice started melting as well because the temperature went above the freezing point after about 2 months... hence the beautiful reflections on the path above and the road below...

The building with the christmas cap is my office!

Puddles also were formed at places because of the snow melting, giving the kid in me an opportunity to play around the water...

The sun was really shining bright and gave me some interesting photographs to click...

I also went to Minneapolis on Valentine's day....

Took some interesting portraits of friends in MSP... this one is Lakhan.... the bored pilot :)

One of the most interesting and remarkable firsts in February was walking on a frozen lake, and driving on it... Scary and very exciting! This is Pritam's new SUV at Medicine Lake...

Another first.... a frozen Waterfall!

Miss Sapna... not too interested in the camera!

A valentine's day is not complete without a few roses! innit?

Now back to Milwaukee, and the frozen lake Michigan...

People enjoying ice fishing on Lake Michigan, and downtown Milwaukee in the background...

A closeup of how the frozen water looks like...

Deepali and Gaurav trying to walk on ice...

February turned out to a fun filled month... I started traveling out of Milwaukee, I also got myself a film camera... some results from that camera a little later....

See you with March Photographs!


  1. Loving it Murari.
    Cant wait for the rset of the year to unfold. =)

  2. Awesome pics
    :) I am ur fan buddy
    Which Camera???
    Do check mine, If you have time
    I am not that good but you may help in improving

  3. You know Prashant, you've got a beautiful talent of making anything/anybody look beautiful/ interesting/ mysterious.. Never stop clicking.. :)

  4. you may create a HTML table on the top of the posts where you have created the list of "CKD Specials" (i think that is not a {dynamic} widget) and list the links to all the months

  5. Another shaandar stream of pics!!and ye Santa waali caps bahut hi cute hain..love the way u have used them!!

  6. Oh..mujhe second last pic kuch samjh nahin aayi..is that frozen water..is that how it looks??
    do u have a coloured version of it??

  7. @ Swati

    @ Bindiya
    thank you :) another 10 days… rest of the year would be here too

    @ Bhupesh

    I use a Canon 400D with a few canon and non-canon lenses…

    will sure visit your page… I hope you are one of the photo sharing websites like flickr… if you want to learn, there is whole ocean of knowledge out there

    @ Richa
    i am glad

    @ Sam
    thank you very much Sam

    I will try!

    @ Burf
    achcha bhai… though there is already a link in the CKD specials which opens all the 2009 in pictures posts if you click on it..

    @ Vaishali
    thanks! i am glad you liked them….

    that is frozen water in the lake and that is a colored photograph…. :)

  8. :) Good....with you pics..the year might seem too short...:)

  9. interesting...in terms of quality of light..... how dark feb is....it will be fun to see all the months..one after the other..and the changes...in the environment and your activities

    a nice photo essay...

    though i rather like the old chaikidukaan font than this one...

  10. are you for real???????///
    the pics are freaking awesome!!!

  11. ekdume mastam... maza aa gaya... saal bhar ki chuninda pics eksaath... uttam ati uttam

  12. feb main bhi essmart the tum actually !!!

  13. @ Ceedy
    thanks! :)

    @ Joy
    :) i am glad you like it.. the font would be changed to the regular one in the next post!

    @ Vagabond
    That is a good question. Apparantly I am for real :) but one would question the whole concept of reality!

    thank you!

    @ Aseem
    thanks bro!!!!

    @ Preet
    :) hehehe... bhi! ok ok !!!

  14. What lovely pics.
    Glad I dropped by.

  15. @ S
    glad you liked them pictures!