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You wouldn't understand!

Pritam : I like it… it’s a nice car!

Prashant : Good! Bring it on… I have always dreamt of driving one! I am excited!!!

7 hours later!!!

Deepak : Saala, itni choti gaadi hai!!! 3 suitcase mein hi jagah khatam!

Prashant: Sach bol! Bilkil bhi space nahin hai?

Prakati : nahin! Baithoge to pata chalega!

Prashant : Achcha :/

Pritam : Bhai mereko kisi ne bola hi nahin… mereko ye achchi lagi mein le aaya!

Prashant : Laal rang ki hai na? mast hai!!!

Pritam : Haan!

Prashant : Aur Jeep hai aur Wrangler hai!!! Mast hai bhai, ekdum mast hai!!!

5 hours later

Prashant : Abe ye to sach mein bahut choti hai be!!! Itni choti jeep to kabhi nahin dekhi maine!

Deepak : Samaan to rakho phir dekho!

Prashant (in his mind) : Two door Soft Top Red Jeep Wrangler, 4 people, close to about 2000 miles to drive, short on space, big on feeling, well! We get some we lose some!!!

Prashant : Itni buri bhi nahin hai bhai! Chalo baitho!!! Thoda bags idhar udhar karo, space banao, gaane lagao, shor machao…

Sometime later

Prashant : Hai to choti, par thoda sa seats adjust karke shayad back seat aur comfortable ho jaye!!!

Some more time later

Prakati : It’s not for a long drive.. it’s good for a day long picnic or something

Prashant : I agree… even the car has not been designed for long drives… the steering is designed to have an excellent grip while turning, and not for holding on to for long hours, there is no foot rest for the left foot, there is no cruise control and so on and so forth! But you see, it’s a dream being fulfilled for Pritam and me!

3 days 20 hours and about 1600 miles later!

I had driven this two door rockstar for about 1300 miles including a 12 hour drive on Sunday, driven in rain, driven in sun, driven in snow, on the plains, and on the hills, driven in the morning, afternoon, evening, night, and midnight, driven in 7 states, and in two time zones…

And like I read on another jeep…

“You wouldn’t understand, It’s a Jeep thing!”


  1. YOU DROVE A JEEP?!???!!!
    A RED JEEP!!!?!!
    You are so lucky.

    You know - that's my dream machine..bachpan se!I hope that I can buy one for myself... someday.

  2. Its so beautiful! My brother had a Jeep as well, it was fun driving around in that, we did quite a few NJ to Toronto trips on it.

    But then it burned down in a freak accident.I was with him at that time. Burned down on Highway 7 in Toronto. We looked on helplessly as it burned. Thankfully the fire trucks arrived in the nick of time before the gas tank caught fire, it had a full tank of gas.

    My brother was heartbroken, it was his identity!

    Did you know they come in 4 door models as well, they were introduced not very long ago!

    The pictures are amazing!

  3. The Jeep looks awesome, the pictures even better.. :)

  4. Arre wah..itni lambi drive..sounds great..and the car looks good too, driving pleasure nahin hai wo alag baat hai !!

    I so want to drive an SUV(koi si bhi chalegi) but chaalani hai,kitne dino se armaan hai mera!!

  5. two door, open at back wrangler!?!marvellous!! the pic alone is capable to make one wish drive it.. :)

    this sure is a jeep thing, oh! and a boy's thing too... my mama and bro always drove the 70's mahindraCJ we had and they would never ever let me touch it!!!

  6. Jeep.. that too RED.. my dream machine.. let me c when I buy it !!

  7. a man in a tight fitting wrangler...whether jeep or jeans....can be pretty hot ;)

  8. please install google search on your blog
    i wanted to search your orcha trip and i could not find it

    this is so bloody frustrating

  9. @Burf: hope this helps :)



    Chai ki dukaan ka ek chotu :)

  10. “You wouldn’t understand, It’s a Jeep thing!”

    I know, I know (and I am still trying to understand )...........
    but you will understand when you travel around 2100 ml in this cramped Jeep with 3 others and luggage :)

    Still no complain. What a trip………………………………………………

  11. nony - thanks for your efforts :)

    but this comment was not meant for you

  12. @burf: :)
    I was just trying to help around in the dukaan.
    'The' Chaiwala seems a little busy to respond :)

    Chai ki dukaan ka chotu :)

  13. just kidding :) no offense to chaiwalaji

  14. Very interesting..and the picture does reflect some of the attitude :)

  15. @ Swati

    yea I did…

    luck! umm… I guess you can use that term!

    @ Jas
    Yea I know that story…. its very sad that your bro had to part with the machine like this… I hope he gets another one soon...

    I know the 4 doors too...


    @ Sam

    @ Vaishali
    you bet… it was great driving this baby…. evident from the looooooooong drive i did :)

    Amen to your wish

    @ Mayuri

    @ Reetika
    good luck with that!

    @ Joy

    @ Burf

    but there is a blog search on the top bar already. I wonder why you did not use it!

    @ Anony

    @ Deepak

    @ FJ
    sure it does!!!


  16. do you believe i didn't use that??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    this google search box isn't seem to have installed correctly. did you test it after installation?

  17. I am just referring to another option Burf... itna excite mat ho... It seems to be giving the same results as the google search box, except that the google search box is looking for content in the comments as well.

  18. in that case there has to be a problem at my client end, because none of options is giving any result

  19. I came across a Jeep this evening and across the top part of the windshield it said "Jeep: its a girl thing!" :)

  20. hey its really cool jeep yaar.. and if ur best buddies r wid u then kya din kya raat.............
    really gaane gaao shor machao........
    High Speed.
    wow........... vrommmmmmmmmmmm long driveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....................
    mera to bas sapna hi reh gaya ye...............