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My source of english music in school till class 10th
The best moonwalker that I know and a huge MJ fan
Amazing writer and poet as I remember
A super intelligent student
and one of my closest friends EVER


and I connect with him after quite a few years of no conversations!!!
I have to say that it has to be one of the best things that have happened to me this year!

And this when I was talking about him regularly to another very close friend of mine!!! I guess while I was talking about him, time and space was making him look for me! Makes my belief in the fact that there are no coincidences, a lot more stronger!!!

I feel that the best thing about connecting with childhood friends is that there is no judging happening... it's absolutely easy to accept that friend the way (s)he is, mostly because you tend to remember all that you can from the yesteryears, and what that person is "now" is of little importance... you tend to rely mostly on the years when you have grown together instead of being close friends because of you liking something about the person! There is a lot that I have to write about the times Sandy and I used to be a two member gang, but sometime later! I am smiling non-stop right now thinking about my good ol' school days right now!!!

Sandeep, if you are reading this! Thank you bro! I can't tell you how happy I am!


  1. this is sooooo awesome :))))))))

    cannot stop smiling as i read this....so amazing and yes...also deepens my belief....no co-incidences...

    magic happens to those who believe...and for those whom are entitled :))

    aweeeesome :)

  2. Wow..Happy for u PB..its always nice to catch up with old pals!!

  3. School days are the best..and so are school friends...for all time.

  4. @ Joy
    you know how it feels! isn't it!!!

    Remember my facebook "what's on my mind" from a few weeks back?

    @ Vaishali
    thanks dear!

    @ Richa
    God Bless you too!

    @ FJ
    you bet!