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Back in Kingston after a lovely three day Canadian roadtrip! Met a beautiful family, saw a few cities, made a few new friends! and thanked God for the lovely time he lets me have EVERY time!

and this happens to be the 1001st post on Chai ki Dukaan! what a trip so far!!! and I am all exited for the journey ahead! God bless!


  1. seems like your next journey would make you land up in India bro.
    Tai ji was telling mum that your heading back in Jan.
    so see you soon.

  2. @ Tushar
    I did not really mean journey as in a point A to point B sorts :)

    I might be home soon enough though!

  3. Arre wah!!
    hope u had a b'ful white X'mas!!
    Canada is the place for it..
    Well Belated Merry Xmas and a very happy new year!!

  4. congrats @ 1001 posts and many more to come!

    godspeed you, all your journeys and thoughts :-)

  5. congratulation on 1001...what an incredible journey it has been for you....these last 5 /6 years....it has been a pleasure visiting chai ki dukaan....and being part of your inner journeying....and heaps of the real world journeys too..

    hope to see many more adventures here....

    may you always have lots of luck and good will and cheer ...

    still no smileys ;0

  6. hey Prashanth

    Good you had a wonderful trip in the great white north. We are returning to Toronto on the 29th. When will you be here in Chicago?

  7. oops sorry..anonymouse will be me-Joseph