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Avatar - The movie!

I am not sure how I got introduced to it, but I have always admired the views that I got to see on Digital Blasphemy (www.digitalblasphemy.com)

I just came back from watching a 7 pm show of Avatar! Have been reading and hearing about the movie...

It redefines the movie going experience
It takes animation and graphics to a completely different level
James Cameron is at his all time best
and a whole lot more...

Guess what! All of it is true!!!

Follow these guidelines if you plan to watch the movie:
1. Watch it in the largest possible screen... if you have to drive to an IMAX which is outside your town, do it!
2. Sit in the centre
3. Watch it in 3D. THAT is for sure which literally added another dimension to the movie
4. Do not look for a story ( you know the story already, Powerful people wanting resources, natives not willing to give up, powerful people sending someone to know more so that they can plan the destruction well, the insider turning hostile, battle and climax follows, good wins, bad loses... that's all that is to the story)

From how I see it, there are a few ways you could connect with Avatar...

1. Technically : It talks about a network within the living organisms... something that keeps everything going... A tree connected to a different tree through the roots and the entire jungle a LAN/WAN/Network of sorts... you break one important link/hub or the data center, and you have the capability of suddenly crashing the whole network!

2. Visually : It was the digital blasphemy site turning into a movie for me... The colors, the clarity, the detail, the rendering of the thoughts into visual experience, is Abso-fkking-loutely mind blowing... cheers to whoever thought of the images in their mind, and more cheers to who got them out of mind and put them on the screen! The details, the quality of animation is something which is not way ahead of the rest in my opinion, Transformers is equally good! What makes Avatar different is the presentation of things that are otherwise non existent, or let's say we do not get to see them much! Though I found similarities in quite a few characters in the movie and some wildlife that I saw on NatGeo/Discovery documentaries. Having said that, it still does not take away the sheer brilliance of the artwork that has been done for AVATAR. (I was trying to find the details of the team who has worked on the graphics for this movie.. Please share if you have some info)

3. Spiritually : The movie has something that I believe in. Bonds that are not explainable! The visual rendering of these bonds is extremely beautiful too! Bond between man and nature (though I doubt if using man and nature in two different words is justified), bond between you and animals, an unsaid comfort and connection between various elements of nature and the fact that there is no deity or God, but everything is connected and is a representation of HIM or HER ( for that matter)

I am going to see this movie at least one more time! Let's see when!!!

While I am anxiously waiting for my next opportunity, go take out time and open this Pandora's box which now has a completely different meaning!

Hat's off James Cameron!

Oh, and don't forget to visit the Digital Blasphemy site that I mentioned above!


  1. GIP ka 3D IMAX useless hai

  2. Burf(Tushar..if Iam correct), try IMAX @ Pacific Mall..I guess thats better!!

    And yea..PB heard pretty good reviews about it,I gotta watch it..soonest!!

    oh yeah,your post just reminded me of an off late discussion with you on a mind printer..not exactly the same,but something on a similar pattern..do watch the below video >>


  3. @ Burf
    really!!! When I say IMAX, I am referring to a screen which is 6 floors high... is that how big it is in GIP? Why do you say its useless?

    @ Vaishali
    I have seen Pranav Mistry's talk at the TED website... pretty awesome isn't it? :)

  4. You bet..and 8 yrs,isnt a very long time,for such an innovation..Hats off to him!!

  5. vaishali - yea i know, i saw superman there; thanks though

    om - because, as you say, it is not 6 floors high...