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Some call it religion some call it music

I call it PEACE !!!

Since childhood, I remember mom chanting Sanskrit shloks in the morning, and Pa chanting them during his meditation in the morning and evening..

I think the love for the word () OM comes from Papa's chanting of it, and the environment it creates at home every time I hear it from him, in addition to one out of body experience I cannot forget EVER.

Also since a very very long time, I have found peace in listening to Sanskrit in the form of chants, and one of my favorite happens to be the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra...

ॐ त्रयम्बकं यजामहे सुगंधिम पुष्टिवर्धनम
उर्वारुकमिव बंधनान मृत्योर मुक्षीय माम्रतात

tryambakaṃ yajāmahe sugandhiṃ puṣṭi-vardhanam
urvārukam iva bandhanān mṛtyor mukṣīya māmṛtāt
I am not a very religious person, but I have a very very strong faith in something which is beyond me or anyone I know... I can call him Uncle God for the lack of a better word at this point of time, though Mom Dad, are also very apt words in case you are not too keen on using the God word :)

Coming back to this Shlok, I feel at a lot of peace when I hear it, and a few more which I might talk about in some of the later posts ! It is apparently one of the most powerful as well as per the learned. And then when I chant with it, I speak Sanskrit, which happens to be my most favorite language !

Some information about it below from Wiki . In case you are interested in buying the CD with it, please do not buy anything other than TIMES music. It has been rendered beautifully in that album. or ask me for the mp3, I can send it to you.


  1. lovely post,prashant.
    the only thing that saves me are these shlokas.
    i put them on for my children before they sleep and they sleep very peacefully.
    i would call it peace too :)

  2. Beautiful! Thank you for putting it in a post. It indeed has brought peace and rest in my life. The best post ever.

    || ૐ नमः शिवाय ||

  3. even i was litening to sholkas yesterday ... they surely bring peace :)

  4. What a beautiful post.

    I used to medidate 8-9 yrs back. I really never chanted any mantra except the word 'OM' while medidating :). Sometimes I listen to the 'Gayatri Mantra' by Times Music. Indeed, I feel at a lot of peace when I hear it. I also remember listening to some chants on the 'ghats' of Ganga in Rishikesh and Haridwar. It was such a beautiful experience. Unfortunately, I am not able to do get back to meditation.

    Your post has motivated me get back to it.

  5. :) Maha Mrityunjaya ka bhi mp3...isko to rehne do :)) ..lol

    om - there are no words in my vocab to describe the maginficance of this sound/viberation

    chants truly cleanse the psyche...and yes make you more @ peace..i like this post :))...may your heavenly uncle bless you with lots more of it :))

    glad ur better ..stay that way !!

  6. agree with you - and my personal favourite is Lalitha sahasra naamam... and the feeling of peac ei get after i chanting it is - well, i cant describe it in words... :)

    (do send me teh mp3, bro)

  7. "Peace" IS word for it!

    I happen to listen to the shlokas in indian shows or movies, and the chant actually transfers to my body, flows in my blood and in doing so imparts pure peace!

    I would love to have the mp3.

    And "Uncle God", nice take! :)

  8. m feeling too stressed out these days..i rly need to be at peace with myself..need to have the Mp3..could u mail it across..

  9. u know which mantra i like the most - it is from durga shaptashati's 13th chapter .

    ya devi sarvabhuteshu, shakti rupen sansthita
    namastasyay, namastasyay, namastasyay, namo namah

    Ever since I heard my grandfather chant it during Durga Puja, I wanted to chant it.

    But as they say, the mantras should be chanted correctly and with a perfectly clean mind. I feel I did some mistakes and immediately after the Durga Puja when I chanted it for the first and last time, my mother got hospitalised. From then on I am too cautious about mantras.

    btw, I have added u to my blogroll.

  10. @ Megha
    thanks Megha...

    They sure bring peace to the mind :)

    @ Kanan
    :) i am glad :)

    @ Geet
    arre sahi... I am happy your life has peace :)

    @ Swati
    hmm... interesting... please do get back to it...

    @ Joy...
    :) Isko kyon rehne de? :) chai ki dukaan par aapko har tarah ka sangeet milna chahiye :)

    I am super better :)

    thanks joy

    @ Anoop...
    I have heard the Vishnu Sahastranaam, and i like it too... lalitha sahastranaam nahin suna maine !

    will send you the mp3

    @ Jas...
    you have put it so nicely in words... thanks...

    yea Uncle God :) friend bhi god bhi :)

    oh and could you just drop an email to prashantbhardwaj[at]gmail... i will send you the mp3

    @ Vaishali
    kyon re? kya hua... why are you stressed out?

    @ Rahi
    that is one beautiful shlok... i like it too...

    I am not really sure if your mom was sick because of your chanting, but you are right about the right mind and way...

    Hope you get back to them soon..

    thanks for adding me to the blogroll

    @ Kshitiz

    @ Friends4ever

    @ Tanu

  11. Funny contradiction this, we are born to mortal bodies , yet hesitate in embracing our impermanance, are fearful of sickness and fraility. The Mahamritunjaya is an apt expression of this conflict , part of it translating quite literally to:
    "......As, in due time, the stem of the cucumber weakens, and the gourd is freed from the vine, so free us from attachment and death, and do not withhold immortality."

  12. oh just work n other stuff..tell ya sometime offline!!

  13. I completely agree with you Prashant. Lately I have started listening to this mantra while driving car and it gives me a lot of peace and satisfaction. Well to be honest, I have turned very religious in the last couple of years.
    I would love to have a mp3 ? Can you please send it to my gmail address. Thanks

  14. @ Chandan

    very interestingly put !!!

    @ Vaishali
    hmm... okk

    @ Amit
    hmm... like I said its more than just being religious... but then whatever it takes :) I will send the file to you :)