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कविराज प्रशांत भारद्वाज

You've read what I write... here is a chance to hear it too :)

Apologies for a bad video quality... It was taken using a regular point and shoot camera and in the darker side of the living room !


  1. arey sahi yaar... aur tumhne itni kanthansth ki hui hai!!!

  2. Wah, wah! Aur kavita kahne ka andaaz, aur bhi Wah Wah!

  3. :))
    ahhhh...freshened some good funnnnnnnnnnnny memories :)))))))

    thanks for sharing....

    though the link on the blog is not really workingmust be my isp..saw it on youtube...loved it...

    p.s. thoda light kaam tha ;)

  4. wah wah wha wah !!
    tickle me someone

  5. :0))))))

    kaviraaz... kis darbar ke kavi hain aap ;-))

  6. bahut achchhe kavi..badhiya hai..liked that BHAIYA wali lines .. :)

  7. Good Good. Very funny..... not saying lightly. I am envious of you guys staying together. I miss that so much.

    And obviously, for video you should have hired some one better. Hahaha just joking.
    Would have been better if I could see your face. :)

  8. wah wah..savi kavita ka anand to kaviraj ke mukh se kavita sunne mein hai..mazzedaar!!

  9. @ geet
    haanji... 10 saal ho gaye par bhoola nahin abhi tak :)

    @ Jas

    @ Joy...
    hehe... did not work? oops... sorry about that...

    haan light kam thaa, this was the darker corner of the living room where we were sitting and chatting !!! plus the video is from a point and shoot camera so the quality was not expected to be great anyway :)

    @ anony

    @ Swati

    @ Chakoli

    makeshift darbar hai :)

    @ Friends4ever
    thanks :) shalini ne baat ki shalinta se mere saath :D

    @ Subbu

    @ Abhi
    bhai tu mere paas aaja... yahin par kaam karle...

    par honestly speaking, nothing beats the lazy weekends in London !

    You are right about the video part :) it was a darker corner of the room !

    @ Vaishali
    heheh :)

  10. hehe..prashy...seriously..too good..

  11. hmmm...now trust me just looking at it and not listening to the video as no sound... man you make some interesting faces.. :)

  12. हा हा हा.. सही है गुरु.. पर इस कविता का कवि कौन है??
    और हाँ, गाने का अंदाज़ बहुत उम्दा है.. ;)

  13. @ Vaishali


    @ Aro..
    :) good good.. I have a chance to be in front of the camera that means ! :)

    @ You...
    I wrote it along with a friend in college.. Kapil Sharma !

    thanks :)

  14. it is not nice....