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kate lee by चायबाज़ रोनोदिप (Chaibaaz Ronodip)

Enjoy this picture from a Tea Shop in Calcutta, India... a city that I love to love... I think after Delhi, Calcutta (or Kolkata), the city that I have walked the most in...

I am in love with Kolkata and would love to spend a week (maybe more) just walking around the corners and streets... I feel that city still has a lot of character and its old age charisma to share... I still remember walking around Hawrah, taking that ferry to BBD Bagh, walking from there to Chaurangee, and then to Robindro Shodon and finally taking a shared cab from Exide to Korunamoi. You can view the pictures of my date with the city (14th Oct 2006) here.

About the photographer... Ronodip or Rawnie as he likes to call himself is the younger brother of my darling friend Tanu (who happens to put life and soul into every picture that she takes herself). Her excitement knew no boundaries when Ronodip got a camera, and Ronodip really has not disappointed with his pictures either... From what I have observed he likes taking high contrast pictures both in color and b/w and is doing a fantastic job in capturing moments from around him. You can enjoy more of his work here.

With time and the right direction he is going to go places for sure!

Welcome to the chaibaaz family Rawnie !


  1. I like the bubbles and the mess around the messy stove.

    Interesting :)

  2. hehe thanks thanks...thanks so much!....u made my day!...

  3. waaoooo thanks thanks..rony tere.. chai ki dukan mein agaya :)

    u made our day :)

    thanks again ..

  4. ohw great.. good to hear abt this now... am happy 4 rawnie :D

  5. Nice shot Rawnie dear..good work!!

  6. :) Nice pic bro .. Love the rustic look of the pic. Very nice.

  7. Lovely.

    And you know where to stay this time when you are here. Funnily, I have met most friends you have introduced me to in Kolkata, except you!!!

  8. @ Swati

    @ Rawnie

    @ Tanu
    the pleasure is all mine !

    @ Arpita

    @ Vaishali

    @ Kshitiz

    @ Subbu
    strange enough !! aaunga pakka bhai... ghumana tu mujhe !!!

  9. I was born in Calcutta, though I haven't lived in the city for too long, I heart it. You've captured my love for the city beautifully! Everything about that mad, polluted, crowded city is unique...the puchkas, the yellow cabs, the pink sunsets, the fabulous Durga Puja....(the sandesh, mishti doi and chaat...). Nostalgia.