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Weekend in Pictures !!!

So like I said in my previous post, here are some more pictures from this weekend !!! Enjoy :)

I knew I was late for the sunrise :) when I saw this :P

I thought I should just sit there and relax, but on second thoughts went for a longer walk!

The temperature was more than freezing point, and snow has started melting, giving way to some very beautiful reflections...

The Milwaukee Arts Museum with its wings still closed

The breaking ice in the Lake Michigan

Reflections like I said...

One of the benches in a park near my apartment...

Came back home and decided to make myself more camera happy ! Took a few pictures at home as well.. like the two above and two below...

And Sunday was a pretty lazy day, like always except that we went out for a Indian Buffet Lunch and then to North Point park...

Ganeshji I got for Gaurav's car...

The Lake Michigan...

That's ice or lets say a part of the Lake Michigan which is frozen as of now, and Gaurav was pulling Deepali and she was just sliding :P

Scary, slippery, and very beautiful... That's how a frozen lake can be...

But the ice is melting... Bright Sun is one of the reasons :)

Some people were far into the lake and enjoying ice fishing... in the background you can see some buildings of downtown Milwaukee... on the extreme left you see some bit of Milwaukee Arts Museum and the third building from the left is my office...

So another weekend is over... like I had said before.. Saturday morning pictures were a very soul satisfying experience for me... My love for B/Ws is increasing with every decent picture that I can manage... I am happy I am able to do more experiments with B/Ws now... Click HERE for a slideshow of some pictures from Milwaukee that you have not seen on Chai ki Dukaan.

and I am currently hooked on to "Bhor Bhayee" from Dilli-6... Shreya Ghosal has sung it beautifully! Oh, and "Genda Phool" too from the same movie... beautiful folk lyrics, and brilliant hip-hop-ish beats... unconventional and groovy !!!

Hope the week starts good for everyone !!! Enjoy :)


  1. wow.. just wow at the snaps... :)

  2. good pics loved them.......
    delhi 6 sound track rocks big time...listen 'arziyaan' too.....

  3. Omzi, the pics are simply awesome.
    I can'te beleive it..I'm smiling on a Monday morning. You made my day, dost :)

    Dilli 6, the entire album is outstanding. bahut..bahut time ke baad koi aisa album mila hai jiska har ek gana itna khobsurat hai.
    Being a sufi, classical, folk music lover, I esp love 'arziyan', 'bhor bhaye' and 'genda phool'. Rehman and Prasoon combo rocks :)

  4. Amazing pics as alwz...
    Dilli6 is an outstanding album..Genda phool is kewl..do listen to Rehna Tu..
    n yeah DEV D too..i kinds liked its music too!!

  5. Not even one picture jo bus time pass ho...hadd hai!!!! Do I need to say more? Oh man, rockstar hai tum.

  6. The glow of sunrise is so beautiful! Great pictures of the frozen lake too.

  7. Awesome photographs! Thanks for sharing.

    I'd be so frightened to go onto the frozen lake....yes you guessed it, I'm chicken! :D

  8. yaar ye tumhaari black template acha role play karti hai pics ke liye..mazza aa gaya pics dekh ker..
    meri fav.. wo last waali pic,mg-0713,mg-0660,mg-0559.. :)

  9. @ Anoop...
    thanks bro

    @ Deepu
    thanks bro...

    Yeah the songs are fantastic... Arziyan is good too... have been listening to Delhi 6 for about 3 weeks now !

    @ Swati
    thanks... :)

    Yeah, its a brilliantly done collection... every song is something to listen to over and over again...

    @ Subbu
    thanks bhai

    @ Vaishali

    you bet its a fantastic album

    Dev D is lovely too..

    @ Mon

    @ Bindu
    thanks :)

    @ Jas

    oh and you are chicken there is no way you are going to have an accident... you can always try to fly away !!!!

    @ Geet
    :) haan pictures usually look good on black ! thanks dear :)

  10. hi,
    the pics are simply amazing..it seems Milwaukee is ur second home;))
    regarding delhi6 these dayz i m hooked to "rehna tu"..very wornderful song...
    am new to blog-world and ur "chai ki dukaan" is one of the fav. haunt:D:D..keep posting..

  11. maan gaye guru, om..ur pix made me feel that m right there ..beauuutiful

  12. Prashant, lol at the "fly away"!!

  13. indeed very soul satisfying...

  14. I can see you making good use of your new gear.

  15. @ Wishes Galore...

    Milwaukee is home for now... but the heart lies in India :)

    glad you like the chai ki dukaan ! keep coming !!

    @ Friends4ever

    @ Jas
    :) :)

    @ Rajee

    @ Abhi
    thanks bhai !!! I am glad you like it !!! have not even touched one of my long lenses for a while now !!! someday soon I hope though !!!

  16. one hell of a photographer u are..

  17. Thanks Yachiru !!!

    welcome to my blog !!