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Workout need identified !!!

My left thumb is swollen today ! It probably needs a regular workout !!!! the bugger is just getting fatter by not doing anything at all...

I type with both my hands and mostly use all my fingers and the right thumb (for the space bar) but the poor left thumb is left out except for the ocassional left click or a left button press (I use keyboard for most of my shortcuts)

Or maybe I just slept on it !!!



  1. Oh no! I hope it doesn't hurt much though.

    LOL@ left thumb requiring regular workouts!

  2. Aww...wishing your left thumb a speedy recovery :)

  3. Ahhhhhh... atke care...

    but I really curious to know how you use all ur fingers at a time...

    I need classes on that ;-)

  4. Ungli.... umm... alas! The comment I want to write involves words that I can't write in public. You know what I mean :P

  5. Oh..poor thumb..vaise wat actually happened???hope its not hurting much!!!

  6. ohw.. poor lil thumb of urs... hope it recovers soon :D

  7. @ Jas
    theek ho gaya ab :)

    it needs workouts for sure though :P

    @ Swati

    @ Chakoli
    thanks :) i was sent to typing sessions in my holidays and hence the use of all fingers while typing... have learned it the conventional way...

    asdfg;lkjh over and over again :)

    @ Subbu
    hehehe... I can only imagine :P

    @ Anony

    @ Vaishali
    i don't really know what happened... abhi to theek ho gaya hai :)

    @ Arpita
    yea, it did pretty quick :) thanks !!!

  8. he he...my sympathies with ur poor little thumb!!!