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Tandem Random Tags ! (for the Old Love for Old Delhi)

Bindu tagged me sometime back and here are the rules :

1.pick the 6th picture from your 6th photo folder (I chose to pick it from the 6th Set on Flickr. Here are the rest of the sets)
2.tell the story around it. (sure... below)
3.pass it onto 6 other people. (umm... I would let the people chose if they want to do this)

so here is the photograph :

And here is the story:

The flower market in Fatehpuri, near Chandni Chawk, Old Delhi is a daily market where loose flowers are sold... The market starts around 0400 hrs and does brisk business by 0730 hrs... post that there are less buyers and the flower prices also start coming down... and, some of the flowers get spoilt as well after being there for a while... mostly these vendors have to sell everything the same day, because of the lack of storage, and the life of the flowers.. What you see in the picture, is one of the vendors throwing away the not so good ones so that his bunch still looks fresh and he can sell it at a decent price !

Chandni Chawk and the lanes and bylanes and the whole place has something that attracts me to it... I can't really put my finger on one reason, but it can be anything between the food that I get to eat there, or the old Delhi Character I see, or the warmth of the people that I meet while walking around on the streets, or the integrity of the place even though there is so much varied which happens all around... Not to forget the fact, that he has one of the largest Spices market, Trophies Market, Dry Fruits Market, Cotton Market, Wedding Cards and Paper market, Hardware and Sanitary Market all in the viscinity !!! In addition to this flower market offcourse !!!

And here are a few more photographs from the same place...

I have another tag to finish... Chandan has tagged me to write some random things about myself and I have a few more friends on facebook who would like me write 25 random things about myself !!!! So that is coming up sometime soon !!!

Oh, and this valentines, why don't you go out with your loved one and do something for the not so loved ones !!! I am sure spreading some love can have a completly new meaning if you can afford to spend your time and money for people who really need some love !!! I have nothing against the roses, and cards, and other natak's that happen on this day ( ok, I have something against them :P) but mostly I feel that this one day can be utilized much much better in many many more ways... unless Romance with each other is on the top of your list :)


  1. Bhai I agree with your views on the day.
    And what is this "Tag" thing?

  2. Interesting!

    The 'Phool Mandi, CP, New Delhi, Dec'06' set by you is one of my fav sets on flickr. Coincidently, you picked my fav ones from the set. Lucky me :)

    Omzi, I second your opinion on the V-Day natak. It makes me throw-up. [No, it is not because I don't have a Valentine:)] Giving love to not so loved ones is a beautiful thought. Guess, you already know what I'll be doing this evening. :)

  3. hey the pics are really nice..specially the one with orange marigolds around..
    just got this idea that this pic can be used in "Incredible India" campaign under the title "BRIGHT ORANGE":)):)) u know that campaign where like they show some wood-carvings and earthware and call it "Earth Brown" and similarly for "Mustard Yellow", "Indigo Blue" and others.......

  4. Hmm... I won't comment about the superb pics again :)
    About V-day, if people want to celebrate, I don't have a problem. But the thing is people expect surprises on this day... now personally, I think surprises happen much more surprisingly if it is on any given day, and not on one marked day.

  5. Hiii...All the pictures are so good...Actually U get real nice subjects for ur photgraphy at any market place....This is my first vists to ur blog but I will surely b back for more pics...Good work.

  6. very lovely photographs...

    but why begrudge people one more day to express affection....those who are caring enough will do so on any day...and if some will do it only on one day.....well at least they are opening their heart on this one day...

    and those who will care for the less loved....will do so any day and dont need a special day......after all your friend the phoolwala in the photo..or his brother and friend too are earning a little extra today...is that so bad??

    hope you enjoyed your day..lost in love..of your photography :))

  7. wow! old city..old love
    so beautiful..

  8. nice pics.

    your take on the V-Day is really great.thats really worthwhile and more meaningful,than what we actually indulge in on the v-day.

  9. Not to mention the superb pics as alwz!!

    But somehow i dont agree with your take on V-Day..to each their own..so if someone wants to celebrate let it be..I think its nice to express what you feel,atleast this day,if not every other day!!

  10. Will look forward to the tag post P.
    As for the thought about doing something for the not so loved on Valentine's... trust you to come with something meaningful. I kind of despair at the meaningless tackiness we surround ourselves in the name of celebrating love once a year myselg. Way to go....

  11. Lovely photographs... :DD

    u posted these phoitos earlier I remenber ... I guess ;-)

    story maker... :D

  12. @ Abhi...
    :) glad you agree

    Tag is when someone writes something on their blog and asks someone else to repeat... this means that the first person has tagged the second person

    @ Swati
    thanks... These are not Dec'06 fotos Swati... They are in the Dilli Darling set ! and are my favorites too :) Was shooting with a different camera that day, and fell in love with it... will get it someday !

    Natak.. yea !!!

    @ WishesGalore

    could you tell me more about the campaign please...

    @ Subbu...
    no need :) you could just tell me that you are happy with what I manage to do !!! :)


    @ Diana
    thanks... welcome to Chai Ki Dukaan ! hope to see you around !

    @ Nikita

    @ Joy

    I do not have anything against the expression, but there is so much drama that happens for no reason !!!

    about my phoolwala friend, the poor guy still gets almost the same amount of money... its the retailer who fills his pockets with hard cash by commercializing "love"

    I had a great time though :) spent most of it sleeping and then doing something that adds one more point to the unusual things I have done list !

    @ Wildflower
    :) thanks

    @ FighterJet
    thanks... some people might disagree, but I am kinda fine with it... why not do something with each other than for each other... the overdose of red, chocolates, hearts and heart shaped absolutely everything literally makes my head spin !

    @ Vaishali

    you are right, to each their own... I am totally up for celebration and expression and whatever it takes to show that you love and care and so on !!!

    why this day? why "atleast" this day? just because it has been commercially blown out of proportions? or because hallmark and Archies decorate the showrooms? or because Roses suddenly smell better on the 14th? or someone suddenly realizes that he/she is in love...

    having said that.. I would still go with what you said... "to each their own" if it makes people happy, so be it :)

    @ Chandan
    :) 25 is an easy number... all I need to do is pick 25 random posts from Chai ki dukaan and post them in one single post :) heehhe... but I will try to do a better job... share a secret or two as well... but I am afraid I have done this many times before, might be repetitive information !!!

    and valentine's day!! phew !!! only if I could understand why !

    @ Chakoli

    I am sure I must have... I really like these !!!

  13. All the pictures are great, but my fav is the last one.

    I wish I could smell the fragrant smoke of that dhoopbatti!

  14. These pictures are all so vibrant and colorful! I looked through them to see if I can pick a favorite, and it was really hard. :) But I do especially like the one with the bird and the one with the yellow marigold tied in the sack. Beautiful compositions! Glad you played along.

  15. Wonderful pictures and totally agree with you about Valentine's Day ;-0. I listed you as a chai-lover on my blog post about chai today..

  16. @ Jas
    thanks :)

    @ Bindu
    thank you so much for your comment...

    i am glad to play along

    @ Bheeshoom

    @ Aditi

    and I am glad you mentioned Chai ki Dukaan on your blog :)

  17. Hey Prashant what a kickass set of pics these are!!! Love each one of them.