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Please welcome a new member to the Chaibaaz Family.. Chandan Dubey (चंदन दूबे )

She is from Banaras and currently based out of Hong Kong and has a blog called Girl About Home. Go to her blog and you would be able to effortless wander around all the text and photographs that she has there... Something to look at whenever you need to view some refreshing colors ! Needless to say, the same thing is true about her flickr stream too !!

Welcome to the Chaibaaz Family Chandan :) I kind of like your name like this :चंदन चायबाज़

And, finding members for the Chaibaaz family is something that I really like to do.. .Random thing number 1 :)


  1. Omg Prashant, I wake up and still bleary eyed, see this!!!.. do I have to say my day is made!
    thanks mate...

  2. The pleasure is all mine :)

    but did you notice... 1 out of 25 is done here !! :)

  3. What a lovely shot!
    And I gave quick glance at girlabouthome.blogspot.com. It looks very interesting. Will go back and read at my own pace. :)

  4. what a super photograph...was gonna say it looks like one from a catalogue...and then i visited chandana's blog..phew!!!

    fabulous stuff...loved the images...the ceramics..especailly the incense holder...loved the posts...after my own heart...and links to anokhi and good earth...the cornerstones of my home and wardrobe....thanks prashant..for introducing chandana :))..will get busy reading....caio

  5. oops i erred chandan !! and not chandana

  6. nice shot. thanks for introducing another talented photographer/blogger :)

  7. I love the kettli..porcelain is it??
    Good work Chandan!!

  8. chai baaz is a great name. Something like the Baaja baaz, the trumpeteers who do paun paun on our weddings. THe emosanal attyachareez.
    Chaibaaz also rhymes with Gharri saaz.
    gapp baaz
    itthar baaz (perfume)
    THe list is long

  9. @ Swati
    :) it sure is an interesting blog !!! enjoy !

    @ joy...
    you bet :)

    enjoy !

    @ Anoop
    the pleasure is all mine bro :)

    @ Subbu
    chahiye tujhe? write to her :)

    @ Vaishali
    no idea... ask Chandan :)

    @ Roopanin
    thanks :) chaal baaz as well :) patangbaaz, and more :)

    thanks for visiting !

  10. Hello Prashant, thank you for the darling comment on my Give-away post. mmmm, ooops, I didn't enter 3 chits for you this time though,LOL!!!

    I love Chandan's blog and the name you have given her(CC)!!!



  11. @ Dithi...
    I am so dissapointed that I did not win the raffle... i really really wanted that painting :/

    next time you better put 3 chits for me :)

    Chandan has a beautiful blog for sure :)

    thanks for dropping by, I hope to see you again sometime !!!

  12. The name is intriguing, so i shall be visiting the blog soon. :-)

  13. :) Welcome to the chaibaaz family Chandan ! really agree to what OM says.. simple wonders all around us.. and thats what the pics speak about!

    Om bhai .. tere random things are interesting!

  14. @ Me myself...
    :) do that

    @ Khitiz
    :) thanks bro !

  15. Hey, Thanks to each one of you for your kind comments...And thanks once again Prashant !

    Chaibaaz Chandan

  16. You are most welcome Chandan :)