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(a)Roundtrip in two days !

I had aimed for a good weekend, and I hit the bull's eye if not anything else :)

So Friday night i took the bus to Minneapolis and reached around midnight...

Happy Valentine's day had started :)

On Saturday all we could do was hit on the dartboard instead of some hot girls around, because it was kind of snowing and very cold...

But the sky opened up, and it was bright outside... Pritam was excited about the shoot I had promised him of his new car !

No, not the one above... its the one below :) The one above was just parked where we were shooting...

What yummy tires his SUV has... Tires and the lights are the first thing that I like to notice in any vehicle and if they are not attractive, I am usually not going to give the car a second look... and Pritam's Nissan is a nice mean beast !!!

We went around driving for a sunset point and reached the Medicine Lake instead... Realized that this was our chance to drive on ICE and without much deliberation took the car on the lake as well... Now this was some crazy experience... driving on the frozen lake....

Waiting till sunset there and then headed back home.... The evening saw some lovely Indian music with an overdose of Delhi 6 numbers, specially Gainda Phool and ended with a lot of RD Burman music... not to mention the repeat of Umrao Jaan songs over and over again... so finally slept around 0300 hrs after finishing the conversation quote for the night...

The next morning... 0830 hrs and some hot ginger tea thanks to Deepak woke me and the rest of the gang up !!!!

Suman still did not want to get up and he just got up and went into a different room to catch up on his sleep :)

While the rest of the gang was getting ready, I took a few pictures of the customary roses to mark the Valentine's day celebrations :)

The day was sunny and nicely warm !

So we decided to go out for a short drive around Minneapolis...

Went to the Minnehaha Park...

and saw the frozen waterfall @ the Minnehaha park...

The stairs that would take you to the bottom of the fall were closed and that saved us some time... so me and Pritam decided to take Golu, Lakhan and Sapna to the Medicine Frozen lake....

This time around, there were more people on the lake, and ICE fishing was at its full swing...

Lakhan got adventurous and decided to take some rest on his makeshift ICE bed...

The rest of the people were more intelligent, and had small cabins which they we spending time in...

And then we tried another game... sit on the pillow push ! but this did not work well... either our subject (Pritam in this case) was too heavy for the pillow to slide on ice, or the ice was not that frictionless... anyway, before we came out of the lake, we decided to do some wheelies and Pritam did take some nice complete turns in the car... very very interesting... i am sure they would have looked more interesting from outside !!!

With not much time left, we then rushed to Perkins to have lunch... i love Perkins by the way... the Granny Omlette (without any meat) and the Pancakes with honey are the best combo !!! mmmmmmmmmmm....

With just about 30 minutes left for my bus, we rushed to the downtown stand...

Took the bus at 1530 hrs from Minneapolis and was back home around 2200 hrs....

And did I mention that during these two days, we managed to take some crazy interesting portraits too !!! enjoy :)

Like I had said in my earlier post... Had a very refreshing weekend... Frozen lake, Frozen Waterfall, Umrao Jaan, Ginger Tea, Crazy Face Making Photo Session, Hunt for a Pineapple Cake, were just some of the few things that happened, not to mention the non stop talking !!!


  1. :)) ..seems to have been a good weekend ....with some good friends....nothing like lots of chatter and laughter...to refresh you....super...wish you lots more....

    baraf seems to follow you where ever you go :P..or is it that you follow the buruf...:))

  2. it was fun to read those 2liners in between those cool pics.
    BTW I was expecting a funny pic of you too :)


  3. btw: pineapple cake mila ke nahi???

  4. God! That looks like SO MUCH FUN, Omzi.
    Can see you had a rocking weekend!

    The pictures are lovely as always. Love the frozen waterfall. I have never seen a frozen waterfall before. Can you upload a bigger pic? May be we can get a closer look at it :)

    Sahi hai! Majey kartey raho, dost :D

  5. That was quite a trip!
    Needless to say, awesome pictures as always! :)

    Headlights and the wheels, that what I fist notice as well...Im crazy about the rides!

    I wouldn't have gone on the lake!!!!!!!!!! :D

  6. nice pics as usual........driving on frozen lake must be fun

  7. Now I'm not jealous of a weekend trip of yours. :D

    Nice pictures!

  8. The portraits are cool :)

    Wheelie in a SUV?

  9. :))))))))))))))))))))))

    No doubt even we had a refreshing post ;-)

  10. wow, a solstice :) which model is teh SUV? and wheeling on ice??? :|
    I am sure it must hv been fun driving on ice :) esp that 360 degree turns...

    bro, u sure did hv a superb weekend :)

    superb pics, as usual :)

  11. Wow..this seems like a crazy fun-loaded weekend..goody good!!
    driving the car on the frozen lake...phewwww...wasnt it scary??Iam terrified reading about it..wonder how u guys managed to take the turns on it!!
    whaoo..this frozen waterfall is beautiful..I havent heard or seen anything like this before..Thanks for sharing this!!
    Not to mention the pics as alwz are nicey nice..really like those funny cute faces of ur freinds!!!

  12. @ Joy
    you bet... it was a very nice weekend !!!
    and thanks :)

    I am kind of following the baraf as of now !!


    @ Paavani

    My funny pic.. hmm.. good point.. no one thought of that though :) I will take a few selfies and post sometime :)

    @ J
    nahin mila yaar !!! :(

    @ Swati
    totally rocking weekend !!!

    You can click on the picture of the waterfall, it would open a picture twice the size here...

    :) maje hi kar rahe hain !! thanks !

    @ Jas
    thanks :)

    hey same pinch :)

    I know you would not have gone to the lake.. it was scary too... could hear ice cracking at times... and the sound was not very comforting :P

    @ Deepak
    haan bhai... masti total !!

    @ Richa

    @ Subbu
    :) there are more on flickr... not sure if you go there anymore !

    yea wheelie in a SUV... 4WD

    @ Chakoli

    @ Anoop...
    Its a Nissan Xterra... a 250+bhp V6 beast !!!

    yea wheeling on ice,,, total funn !!!

    thanks :)

    @ Vaishali
    actually a mix of everything... fun, relaxation, sleep, food, conversations, music... super loaded...

    it was a bit scary... but exciting too :)

    @ Tanu
    enjoying enjoying !

  13. very intersting and creative as well..enjoyed a lot ..thnx 4 sharing...

  14. the "other" car clicked looks damn saxxy... liked all those pics.. tumhen iss baar skate pehankar jaana chaiye tha,would hv been fun.

  15. Nissan Xterra. wow,250+ bhp V6 :-D
    and err..bro, wheelie or wheel spin?
    i haven't exactly seen some one pulling a wheelie on ice, using a stock 4WD.

  16. did I not comment on this?

    I liked this post :)

  17. @ Friends4ever
    :) thanks

    @ Geet
    yea the pontiac was super cool ! skating nahin kar sakte they yaar wahan... it was too uneven... aisee chot lagti na ke naani yaad aa jati :P

    @ Kashmira

    @ Anoop
    yea... bro I might be wrong here... we were skidding and turning the car... is that not a wheelie?

    @ Anjuli
    no you did not comment earlier :) thanks !