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The journey begins !

Fill up the reservation form... look at the train numbers, plan your start and end or midway points and refill the form

Stand in line at the reservation counter hoping to get the tickets for the train which is your first choice

Those 10 minutes at the counter talking to the person at the other end getting the best route

The lack of change... how on earth am I supposed to get the three 10 rupee notes, and the two 5 rupee ones, and the other change !

Anyway, the ticket is in my hand now ! The white grey dot-matrix printed Indian Railways ticket ! Hey, but I cannot read it properly... what time is my train? and from?

oh wait, it has been printed on the line just above !! OK, well, the information is there... Coach S4, Seat 30 (wonder who would be sitting next to me)

I wish its a beautiful girl :) and without her parents or the boyfriend!

Last minute Auto rush !!! and the bugger is driving so slowly that I could walk faster to the station.

Anyway, I am here now... which platform? The board is not working, hey, the Kuli ! Let me ask him... they always know !!! Yes sir I am right... its platform 12, darn, the other side of the station !!! Run !!!

Sir ji, late hai train !!!

Oh thank Gawd !!!

take it easy !!!

A nice stroll up the stairs, on the overbridge, with people and more people and some more in the space left... walking, looking around, rushing for their platforms, anxious because they are late, or early or excited about meeting someone, or just being...

But hey, where is the train?

Oh, they are still shunting the bogies... will be here in a few minutes... and there it is !!!

A1, A2, .....A4, S14... what the fkk... now run !!! S4 S4 S4 S4 S4... uncle sambhal kar zara...

S4 S4... haan yehi hai s8... peeche likha hai...

S4 S4 S4... saali itni lambi train...

S4... kaash ye wala S4 hota.. this group of girls would be sitting somewhere near me then...

S4... arre auntie jaane do...

phew !!!

The reservation chart finally....

So lets see.. how many girls in my compartment today...

ah !!! F - 56 --- darn !!!

F F6... sweet...

23.. ah... Vaijanti Devi !!! crap !!!

24 Kalpana Arora... hmm...
M27 Aakash Arora... inki to !!!


uff.. sabse sada hua dibba mera !!!! CRAP !!!!

anyway !!!

Lets just get on the train !!!

Auntiji ye meri seat hai !!!
Oh !!!

Wahan baith jaoge beta?
umm... ji...

Mera bag hata do wahan se... idhar de do.. aaram se baith jao !!!
ji auntiji

bleddy hell... inko kaise bolun I wanted the window seat !!!! I WANTED THE WINDOW SEAT !!!

anyway... that probably means I will sleep better at night.. the top berth is not that bad afterall !

So the bags are sett, the walkman is out !!! the tapes are out too ! what do we listen to? Wait... save the battery !! aise hi baitha reh abhi...

Magazine !!! haan.. get some !!!

Chai? haan ek cup wo bhi ho jaye!!!

Auntiji main abhi aaya...
haan beta

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oh.. paani ki bottle... ek wo bhi... aur biscuit? haan parle ji... do packet...

chalo beta bhago before auntiji calls the police thinking you left a few bombs in the train !!!

back on the seat... all set with magazines, food, music, a lost window seat, people...

A Journey Begins....


  1. and .....
    and as you are sitting there sipping ur tea...and chitchatting with aunty jee...in walks this "top ka maal" :P...and your heart skips a beat ..as she walks right up to you and smiles sweetly....and you are in love !!...and think what a journey of funn this is gonna be...and as you help her stow away her luggage...your mind in a whirl..

    ........she smiles at you and says, "thank you bhaisahab"...and spends the rest of the journey whispering sweet nothings to her boy friend on the cell phone !!.....and the journey continues .... ;)

  2. bhai kuch sound files bhi daal

  3. :D You should be the next Railway Minister :)
    BTW, my next 'journey' begins on 22nd. Going to Sikkim.

  4. hahahaha..2 good om..just fantabulous..the way u described all the formality to get a ticket,going to the station,board the train..etc is ammmmazing..

  5. Where to ?? Man I also used to wish there would be some handsome fella sitting next to me on the train.. hahahah !!

    Love train journeys..

  6. wow..amazing description..I so wanna go on for a rail journey to far away distant place..

  7. s-u-p-e-r-b :-D u got the pulses of teh train journey right :-D

  8. That was brilliant! Now i feel like going somewhere by train!

  9. Its after a long time that I read someone's post and all I thought by the end was 'WOW'
    Details like that make beautiful prose. Going to read your other posts now :-)

  10. Hey! was googling for dialogues from Jaane bhi do yaaron and landed on your blog..one of your 2006 posts had that title...really liked your posts...Arnie bhaiya ke shabdon main...I'll be back ;)

  11. I love the two red kettles!

    Reminds me of those frequent Dilli-Jalandhar train travels that I used to embark every now and then while doing my Paagal Hai Daro degree at JNU.
    I shall write a blog post on it some day as well...unfortunately I have no pictures! :(

  12. Very interesting post. natural reactions put together very nicely. It makes you think..'arrey, yeh to mera saath bhi hota hai, humesha'.

    Every time, I travel alone esp by Delhi-Lko-Delhi Shatabadi, I always think, ' Yaar..I hope koi good looking aur interesting ladka ho baju wali seat pe'.
    Sadly, most of the time, either some talkative auntyji or a snoring uncle ends up on the next seat. And Sigh!

  13. So cute!!! you are so funny! I love train journeys! Infact I will make one toninght. After maybe a couple of years. yes 2.5 yrs ot be exact. I am a woman of luxury- I have time :) YE!! I will sit on my window seat. Stare, read, write take some pictures & be happy! I LOVE trains :)

  14. @ Geet

    @ Joy
    nah !!! too predictable :P

    aur agar koi top ka maal mujhe bhai sahab bolegi to bhenji se zyada kuch nahin hogi :P

    @ Burf...
    le bhai..

    chuk chuk chuk chuk ooooooooooooo chuk chuk chuk chuk !!!

    @ Subbu
    hehehe... i envy you for it... this is the second time you are going there without me !!!! is baar photo kheech kar layega ke nahin?

    @ Friends4Ever

    @ Kashmira

    @ Pallavi
    no idea... just started... will reach somewhere or the other !!!

    I love train journey's too

    @ Richa

    @ Vaishali
    :) and what is stopping you? le chutti aur ja !!!

    @ Anoop

    @ MeMyself
    and are you planning a trip or not?

    @ Nikita
    thanks :)

    glad to have you here !

    @ Epiphany
    thanks... I am in love with that movie !!! brilliantly done !!!!

    please do visit again !!!

    @ Jas
    yea, I like them too !!!

    I use pictures to cover up for the text that I might be messing up with :P trick hai.. share mat karna kisi ke saath :P

    @ Bhoomi
    thanks dear

    @ Swati
    :) good looking ya interesting? ye saath saath hote hain? agar haan to ek hi seat par kaise baith-te hain? aur agar ek hi seat par baith gaye saath saath to gaye mein "e" nikal jayega na !!!


    @ Vinnie the pooh...
    :) where are you going? come back soon !!!

  15. LOL. Thats a funny one. You created this story later or you were thinking continuously when moving towards train, checking pssr list etc.


  16. fantabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    u r way too gud at compling n presenting natural n everday reactions into an awesome write-up :)!! wtg!!

  17. @ Paavani

    I don't remember the last time i was in a train... its been a while... ye to kahani hai :)

    @ Vaishali
    kaisee company?

    @ Anony
    thanks !

  18. @ Vaishali
    milenge aage :)

    @ Tanu
    thanks dear !