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Randomness in me !

Come to think about it, Chai Ki Dukaan is a random blog !!! Not many posts are in order of being connected to each other, however there is a certain order that got built in between all this randomness over the last few years !

I am wondering if there are enough random things that I can write about myself, but looks like there are... every month every week every day something new happens that might just seem random but is a part of a larger plan someone (I don't know who) is busy making for me !!! so thank you that someone :) !!

and here is a free flow of some randomness about myself...

1. I face Southwest in my office and at days when I reach early (like 7ish) and the day is sunny, there is sunlight on my desk... I love it

2. I like to give and get credit for things both at work and in personal life! If I am using something that someone else has worked on, I do try to ensure that the audience knows about that effort ! I absolutely hated it when a friend once used a picture that I clicked and put it on her page without a mention of me anywhere and without asking me... and all of this when she knew that the picture was very close to my heart... to top it all she comes back and tells me that she did justice to the picture by doing that !!! phew !

3. I don't work for money.. I love what I do at work, and that's why I work ! IT Services Consulting... love it! and money most of the time is the least of my worries... Surprisingly whenever it has been a cause of concern, it was taken care of... as if someone was ensuring it does not bother me! and at multiple times!

4. Mostly my life is driven by needs and not wants... if I want something too much then I try to figure out how it qualifies to be a need and then get it!

5. I want to get married next year... how to go about it is another story and will need a post a blog a diary an year to write about ! I am hoping I will find someone really nice who my parents would like too sometime!

6. I forget about drinking water and having food at times when I am too much into work!

7. I take my time (now) before I decide on what kind of a person someone is... earlier it used to be a quick(er) judgment !

8. There has been a phase in my life when I totally hated women and that went on for a year or so... no points for guessing that it was because of a relationship that ended at a very very bad note.. I have never cried that much in my life...

9. My behavior (mostly) is driven by how I would like to be treated in a similar situation... that has helped me a lot over the past few years !!!

10. I don't have an excuse for not working out regularly ! and thankfully for the past two days I am regular with exercise... ;) two needs to be 20 and 20 needs to be 200 !

11. I love tea and not all tea... tea is with tea leaves and not really anything and everything that you can dry and crush to a powder and put in a bag! Though I have to admit that I like some of them, but not many!

12. I am an extremely lucky person. There are times when I feel frustrated, but when I look back at things I realize that most of it did fall into place... and Uncle God has been around most of the time either in the form of my parents, or my friends or in forms that I did not realize then but I do now!

13. I can act strangely crazy, closed, stupid at times, and all of this while knowing that I should not be doing it... I guess I cannot lie to myself !

14. I think flowers good great in B/W photographs ! For that matter, I think most of the things look great in B/W... even life ! :)

15. I had a 3 gb collection of porn which I deleted last year! ok 3.4 GB!

16. I enjoy walking

17. Alone on the hills

18. and I feel the need of a company at times on the beaches

19. But I have sat down and looked at the sea for hours alone as well, and I loved all of those experiences !

20. I broke down the beach/hill/alone/company points above so that I finish 25 random points quicker !!

21. My interest in anything stops when learning from it stops!

22. But I also feel that I am growing up to be a more patient person than I have been all through these years ! So I tend to find ways to get some learning or make things interesting when they are too conveyor belt-ish.

23. I want to go back to London and stay there for at least 6 months during spring and fall.

24. I like open windows and fresh air... Even when the temperature was in negatives outside, I would open the window an inch or so that fresh air can circulate inside my apartment...

25. I like heights... I could jump from a plane 14500 ft above ground (Sky diving, Chicago last year) but I find it difficult to jump from a 22ft cliff into the water (River Rafting, Rishikesh every year, well almost every year).

26... So I finished 25 but I think I can write a few more

27. I like to be in love... Its a very complete feeling... and I am not really talking about the relationship love, it can be the love for someone without being in a relationship as well, and the willingness to do things to make them happy... I do not like an overuse of the word "love"... its a precious word for me!

28. I don't understand football but I love Tennis (Pete Sampras and Steffi Graf are my favorites, but I don't know everything about them like most fans do; watching them play was a visual delight like nothing else; I liked watching Ivan Lendl and Boris Becker as well) and Basketball( Lakers happens to be my favorite team and Kobe Bryant the favorite player)... I cannot watch cricket alone...

29. This number and my age have a certain resemblance that is both comforting and challenging at the same time

30. I am going to be 30 soon.. I wanted to take a month long break travel throughout India when that happens, but looks like I would be spending it here in the US.. the month long break has been deferred and the three must go places for me are Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Mumbai

31. I have learned how to play a keyboard and a guitar and have spent most of my college life either on the stage or in greenrooms or writing/directing/doing street plays... I really miss those times ! Really!

32. This is a very very long post ! tell me if you did manage to read it !!! Chandan, you specially :)


  1. I've read MUCH longer posts on your blog and enjoyed them too. :)

    Glad you brought the tag to your blog, would have been weird if you'd done it on FB itself.

    With time I figured that often things work for you if they are convenient, your post reiterated that. What's funny is that I am growing to be the same too.

    My room's window opens in the north-west and I get the setting sun's rays in my room. So I think I know how the mornings feel in your office. :)

    Alone in the hills brings a stunning silence with it. It makes me uncomfortable at times. But that's maybe because I live on a hill. :P

    You'll turn 30 soon. Hee hee.

    Enjoyed the post. :)

  2. Ahhh... darn... I would have loved to be the first to post a comment here... but P, great job, 32 more things to like you more! ;-) and yes I read it to the last word... go ahead try me, quizz..

  3. This was quite a candid post :) I agree with you on 14 and 27. Amazing how much you can learn about a person by reading these memes.

  4. Wow! I loved this post of yours.
    There are many things on that list that I can relate to as well.

    Guitar and Keyboards! Wow! My turn to be mighty impressed now. :)
    Need a guitar teacher, willing to give me lessons????? :)

    3.4GB of porn,really! :D

    Herbal teas make me gag! No matter what. I love my chai.

    At work by 7 am! I am deep in dream world still at that time! :)

  5. baap re.. itte saare welle points likh daale!!!

    milwaukee is a nice place :),you should drink 4 litrs of water minimum esp when you hv started gymming,lol porno baadshah hohoho, that b/w pic of the flower is wow!!,am so scared of heights yaar,is that your nike shoe?,and you play guitar also!!pata ni tha ye to!!!

  6. completely agree with randomness no. 9: "My behavior (mostly) is driven by how I would like to be treated in a similar situation".same here
    n u sound like sonam kapoor aka bittu of delhi 6 when u say life is good in b/w:))
    good post n good to see the honest randomness:)

  7. Hi...first time commenting on your blog, though have been reading it for quite some time now...got here through wishesgalore
    nice candid post...enjoyed reading it :)

    why I am commenting is because one picture here caught my attention...that white mountain peak with sun rays...is it by any chance from Badrinath Kedarnath hills( forgetting the name), cause I have exactly a similar one from that area but in a paper print!

  8. basss 32!! you are random enough to write one million which is good

  9. wow bro, that is a beautiful set of random things.. I share a fair amount of them... :-D

    the feeling when you are in love is incredible.. i realized it couple of years back and from that day, i am truly, madly, hopelessly, in love with my life :-D

    B&W snaps have a beauty of their own, and many times, they do look better than their color counter parts...

    and when you take that month long break to travel, do drop down @ bangalore :-D

  10. Itni bhi lambi nahi hai yeh post. I have read much longer posts on my fav hangout...err Chai ki dukaan.
    Hmm...interesting post. Got to know some more of you.
    Btw, can relate with quite a few points here.

    And 3.4 GB of porn films!!!!
    boys will be boys!hehehe

  11. btw, lovely pictures and I really love the red shoes :)

  12. i hope that you always have the sun shining...and all that your heart desires is fulfilled soonest...you sleep peacefully at night and wake up with a smile...

    god bless...so be it !!


  13. I like the candour.... the utter simplicity with which you have poured out your heart.... :-) .. the beautiful mosaic of your life which you have created here online through splendid shots and lill thoughtful sentences just get so straight in our minds..

  14. @ Richa...
    I don't understand much of FB except that I can write on a wall which belongs to a friend :)

    The rays of the setting sun are beautiful too... I am a sunset person more than a sunrise one... but I like sunrises alright too :)

    "stunning" silence... very apt ! i kinda like that..

    and stop giggling on me being 30... its just a number :)


    @ Chandan
    :) thanks for the kind words !!!

    quizz... ok... tell me without looking at the post...
    Do I like all kinds of tea?

    no peeking ok !!


    @ Iya...
    thanks... yeah... there are things that do give you a person's personality :)


    @ Jas...
    thanks jas... I guess you are on chai ki dukaan coz you relate to a few things that I write... the ones who do not relate do not comment :)

    I was good with keyboards for sure.. guitar I suck at it.. kind of left it mid way as well because of the pain my fingers were going through... :/

    yea 3.4 GB... and good quality.. not the sleezy ones !!! some of the movies even had a story to enjoy in addition to the obvious skin shows !

    I love my chai too :)

    yea work by 7 am... the morning world is so pure and happy at times, well.. mostly !!!


    @ Geet
    hehe... welle :)

    4 litres... aaj so shuru kiya hai re... 2nd bottle par hoon.. so practically I had close to about 750ml already... and yes... water when working out really helps !! I remember that from my regular gymming days !

    yeah porn :)

    tujhe to sky diving ke liye chalna hai bette... height se darkar kya hoga ab !

    thats not my nike.. thats a pair of Gola shoes that Abhishek forced me to buy... and i love them :)

    I learnt guitar... don't play it... :/ wish i could though...


    @ WishesGalore...
    thanks... nice to see the similarity

    and Bittu... no way !!! I have been feeling this for much before Bittu did :P

    thanks :)


    @ Misha
    thanks for stopping by and commenting ! :)

    that is Mount Neelkanth... and you are right, thats the view that one gets from Badrinath.. I was staring at the mountain for like over 40 minutes and still could not get enough of it... loved the experience


    @ Anony
    I am sure... a million should be doable too :)


    @ Anoop
    thanks bro...

    I am glad you are in love with you life... and that is going to take you a long way I am sure !

    month long break and bangalore !! will see to it bro...I have very bad experiences of all the times I have been to the city and and I talking about some 5 visits across 3 years.. I am kinda scared of going there again :)


    @ Swati
    haan points mein likhi thi na.. isliye lambi nahin lagi hogi !

    good you relate to some of them

    yea 3.4 gb... some collection it was !!!

    those red shoes are awesome... to wear and to photograph both !


    @ Joy
    thanks much for the kind words :)


    @ Reetika
    thanks :) i am glad you liked this post :)

  15. Long and yet so interesting :).... miss you dude!

  16. Its alwz nice to know people around..and i must tell u, ur post kept me well hooked on!!
    Good u came up with this after your friend tagged u!!
    I really like ur point 4, its a nice way to buy stuff and pamper oneself with thigs we want and need.. :P
    Hope u get to work out everyday..its a lovely feeling of satisfaction to loose the extra pounds..and yea..walking is always welcomes..specially a walk at the beach..whoa..i think most of the people would agree to this point of yours atleast if not many!!

    and yeah..hope u get someone soon..fall in love with her,and get married next year (as u wish)..All the very best!!

  17. Yep, I'm at CKD beacuse I can relate to quite a few things! :)

    And lol@ Story + Skin show!

    I have always wanted to learn how to play a guitar...I also got one when I was in grade 9 (I had asked my Dad for it when I was in grade 5!), and then we got posted to somewhere remote where I couldn't get any lessons...and then the pressures of studies and education caught one...my guitar, a gibson acoustic, still adorns my bedroom wall in our home in India...that reminds me I'll ask my parents to bring it over when they come back from their visit!

    The word I got for verification to leave a comment was "BRAIN"!

  18. Thats a good one ....It truly defines you...
    Nicely written..

  19. skin + a story!!!..deleted!...why??..what a loss!! :)))

    unkind words..i saved for another time another place :P

  20. tennis ball cricket is fun playing too on road

  21. Hehe! I get to feature on your post.. ! sahi hai !

    Lovely list.. a few surprises.. a lot of things known..


  22. Were you talking about me here?? The resemblence is uncanny but its put into words so much more smoothly and beautifully than I ever could!! :)

  23. At times a tag can be fun

  24. The mention of Ahmedabad in your to-visit places did bring a smile on my face :) looking forward to that.

    and you forgot to mention one thing - that you love the colour red! A vibrant colour for an equally vibrant person :)

  25. Yes I read it all.

    To add on:
    1) You are a person who enjoy's eating
    2) You do things with passion. ( go crazy at times :P)
    3) A very talented and creative person
    4) A person who knows how to give meaning to things

    God Bless you dear Friend!!

  26. as with all other posts, i happily read this one as well. Some more points

    1. You click beautiful pics.
    2. You are a good mix of desi and angrezi and you can keep both of them apart as well.
    3. You like to pursue things to the end.
    4. You seek and get attention :)

  27. @ Chips...
    good to see you here :) hope Scotland is treating you just fine :)

    @ Vaishali
    hmm thanks...

    the count of working out days is 3 now... so i am kind of happy about it :)

    and loosing the extra pounds :P no idea if that will happen or not.. i eat a lot too you see :P

    thanks for your wishes :)

    @ Jas
    ah those stories :) what nice meaning they had !!!

    yea get the guitar and play... i gave mine to my brother... he wanted to learn how to play... not sure where is the instrument now though !

    @ Littu
    thanks bro

    @ J
    :) yeah... what a loss... i had given the cream of that collection to a few friends... can get it back if i really (need) it :)

    @ burf
    haan bhai... kya mast skid hoti hai ball !!! aur balle par sahi lag jaye to chakka hi hai phir to

    @ Kshitiz

    surprises? like?

    thanks bro

    @ Sam...
    was I? i swear i did not peek into your notebook... :)

    thanks !

    @ Tootsy
    yea... it sure can be

    @ Bhoomi
    who do you think I was thinking of when I wrote that... you are going to show me around the city budds... i am looking forward to that too

    yea.. the color red :) i love eet !!!

    @ Tunna
    so good to see you here sweets !

    and thanks for the additions.... :)

    God bless you too... hope the married life is treating you very very well :)

    @ Aseem...
    bhai bade dino baad darshan diye !!!

    and thanks for those points :) i need to do the point 3 more !

    and attention yea... i do love it... :)

  28. A pretty cool post...!!!

    #3,#4---connected !!
    #5------best of luck :)
    #8 should have come before #7.... i.e.,there positions should have been changed...(a little systematic randomness maybe...!!)
    #16----me too!!
    #28----my all tym fav wud be Federer....but dnt knw why the hell has he started to lose so terribly to Nadal....he even cried at the Australian open :( !!

  29. WOW,

    this makes it the 29th comment on your 31 list post :)

    Good Tha... :)

    At places felt like I was reading myself :)

    any enjoy your last month in 20's :)

  30. @ Tanu
    thanks darling.. I was missing your comment here !

    yea last month starts tomorrow :)

  31. ur words and ur photographs in all your posts speak much more about you than you've written here...though absolutely loved reading this post...

  32. And yes, wanted to say, ki tuu jaldi shaadi kaar mujhee tere shaadi mein nacchana hai :)

    just now the song, billino tera laal ghagara played on my music list and I was like kitnaa mazza ayegaa ismein nachnee mein, and since I read this post in the morning the obvious connection or output was teri shaadi :), :D

    chaal jaldi kkaarr abhiii

  33. @ Jagriti
    thanks :)

    @ Tanu
    hehehe... zaroor zaroor... infact that reminds me that I have to make a playlist of songs for my marriage :) ek party karenge badiya si aur khoob naachenge !

    abhi kaise karoon? :P

  34. Nice reading abt u :)

    ( made me smile )


  35. I read it all through it..

    Few points apply to mee too.. feel connected..

    Good one bro..

  36. It would be very untrue to say that was one of the best random thing post i have read . And it was surprising to see that there are people in this world who things like me (they call it weird!!)...
    thanks bro that was refreshing!!!

  37. @ Teekhi Mirchi
    thanks :)

    @ Gaurav
    good you did...

    thanks !

    @ Bakfire

    Weird? who calls us weird? !!!!

    you are welcome... glad you liked it !

  38. That's what we like about Chai ki dukaan that its a random blog and it doesn't fit into a category of any particular kind.

    Agree with you on "something new happens that might just seem random but is a part of a larger plan someone " > as they say there are no accidents in life. Every act is a piece of a big puzzle.

    1. I too love the early morning sun.
    2.That honesty reflects on your blog too. We do feel cheated if a friend(?) or a stranger feels its ok to snatch things from anyone and treat it as their own.

    3. IT people shouldnt have any problems..they are the ones rolling in moolaah.

    4. Like the attitude about the needs and want..It usually takes very little to keep us happy. Its when we start comparing ...Keeping up with the Jones's" thats when the problems start.

    5.:))Is it a need or a want? hee hee

    6. Bad Boy.. I guess when 5 happens then 6 will take care of itself.

    7. Yep.. When we experience a lot of things in life, meet many people, travel a lot, read, we tend to be less judgemental and very forgiving.

    8.hmm sad as it was to read no one should have to go through life being hurt. Even though people do get over it and move on and write it off as a learning experience yet its one year wasted. You two were not meant for each other or you will find someone better than her won't be enough to console you because we mourn for the time lost, the memories which could have been created and now you have to start all over again.

    9.Good Boy.

    10. Is it safe to assume that its 40 now.

    11.Don't we all?

    12.Gratitude is everything. It does make our life more abundant when we are grateful even for the smallest thing in our life. In one of his speeches Dr.Wayne Dyer had said that when he finds even a penny in the parking lot of a grocery store he picks it up and thanks God for blessing him with the abundance of wealth instead of just walking away. Because for the Universe a penny and million dollars are all the same. And the Universe feels that if someone is showing gratitude for a penny how will he react with a million dollars because you will be blessed a million more times.

    13. I guess you are not alone.. all of us at times are irrational and crazy.
    14. I disagree. I love flowers for their colors or else God would have made them just black and white.

    16. Walking in the woods is great.. without the cell phone, camera or ipod. Just the silence, occasional chirping of the birds, squirrels hurrying away..Either lush green or crunching of fallen leaves depending on the season.

    17..20. Yes nature humbles us with its enormity and it feels good to share it with someone who may have the same passion.

    21.hmm i guess the period of stagnation.

    22.Good attitude

    23.All places look lovely in Spring. I haven't visited London so can't comment.But I am sure its breathtaking in spring.

    24. You will be able to open the windows pretty soon.. spring is almost there.

    25. I am scared of heights.

    27. Agree.. Love is the single most emotion that can turn any negative emotion into a positive one and make a person whole.

    28. Not a sports person at all.

    29..31.This time line or looking back at your accomplishments and the things you have enjoyed over the years has made you the person you are today . Turning 30 will be a big milestone in your life.. is that the reason its making you so nostalgic?

    Good post.. I did make it till the end.. writing a comment that is.


  39. @ Vinnie

    @ vinnie...
    You have something against IT guys or what? :) They don't always are rolling in Moolah !!! I started my career as Technical support Associate earning some 7K per month and most of my class of 2001 started working for either free or for less than 5K... they worked their asses off for years before they could get into any decent jobs !

    You might have seen the lucky ones Vinnie, but in my world, I have seen people who have really worked very hard for every single rupee they have earned !

    5. Getting married... umm... its more of a want right now !!! :) Can't justify the need for it to myself as of now right now!

    8. It was a bad time... not sure if I am totally over it already, but things have changed for sure and better !

    10. the number is increasing :) I am happy about it :)

    11. We all do :)

    15. If we were following the way God made a few things, we would not have boundaries or religion or a difference of opinion in many cases... I like flowers in colors too :) I just like to see them in B/W more :)

    23. During that time in london so that I can walk around as much as I can and then take a tube back home... no other place in this world can probably beat how much you can see in London by walking and how easy it is to take a public transport back home at any time of the day or night !

    24. not where I am :( it snowed heavily yesterday night and the temprature is still less than -10 degs celcius... but the window is open :P

    Turning 30 has nothing to do with being nostalgic... I have missed those days right after I finished college! There are not many things in this world that beat the feeling of being on stage in front of a packed audi !

    I am so glad that you took out time to write a loooong comment.. thank you so much !

  40. I sure did manage to read all of it.
    With tears swelling up and with smiles and retrospection of my own.
    u somehow always manage to do that, one of the reasons that brings me back here everytime :)
    Maybe i should thank you for the good writing...writing for yourself and sometimes on my behalf too :D

  41. Thanks Reema for those nice words !!! I am happy :)

  42. I don't express myself, much..
    my blogs run dry...
    but then..
    when I read Blogs like this one...
    I don't feel the need to repeat myself in mine. Tcare :)