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Sasural Genda Phool in Minneapolis

Here is another one of the many conversations from the Minneapolis trip !! Suman Vaddi , on my right is a flat mate with Pritam, Lakhan and Deepak... He was not too sure of the meaning of Sasural Genda Phool song and I decided to share the details with him... looks like it was more funny than it seemed to be at moment... I enjoyed looking at this video !!!

oh and I managed to watch the movie as well over this weekend. I was dissapointed to be honest... very weak transition of scenes, not sure if the title has much to do with the movie, strange inclusion of songs, and mostly below average use of the brilliant set of actors...
- Vijay Raaz (Inspector Chaudhary; very bad dialogues... someone really needs to know how the Delhi Police guys in Delhi talk, specially the ones from Haryana) and
- Divya Dutta (another useless attempt at trying to have an accent); there was an uncomfortable pause in her sentences...
- Another big dissapoint was the role given to Atul Kulkarni... he is such a brilliant actor and he given the character of "gober" !!! unbelievable !

For all I know, this movie could have been named Ghaziabad -8 or Lucknow 12 or Kanpur 21 or Bhopal 44 or Kala Bandar if not anything else !

But don't take my word for it... watch the movie... It would still show you a "few" glimpses of the beautiful walled city !

Oh, and apologies for a bad video quality of the embedded video.. it was the darker corner of the room where we guys were sitting and chatting... If the above video does not work for you, here is the link for YouTube.


  1. :) good to see you!
    And yeah, people should go and see it. I loved the movie.

  2. you should go watch Dev D... if you get hold of a cd...

    that song is pretty neat... mostly because of abhishek bachchan... who typically reminds me of you.. even his dancing style is somewhat similar... havent seen the movie though...

  3. LOL.. abe kuch bhi chal raha hai... Tera "sasuraal genda phool" ka explanation badhiya hai..ROFL

    Doston ke saath ka masti alag hi hota hai! I miss some old friends...

  4. DevD dekha... like Anurags other films, u may not like the film completely or hate it completely... parts mein bohot good and parts mein bohot hi zyaada bakwaas.. but dekh dekh...

  5. looks like you guys are having a great time with that song. The best part about Genda Phool is that Raghubir Yadav got to write it or something, and it shows.... has that rustic sweetness to it. Of course the `Oscarwinning' stroke of pure genius Rahman infuses a lot of wit into the folksy lyrics with OTT techno-hip-hop music.
    Fun post, love the fun you guys have with small things... ;-)

  6. i love the music, and specially when the song goes into the next gear after the first few lines..

  7. Hey wanted to ask you (u being a delhi-ite and all) what this kala bandar episode was all about?

    i was quite disappointed with the movie too...for pretty much the same reasons as u say...
    aur chandni chowk to dekhne ko hi nahi mili :(

  8. payt deko apna...lol mast video

  9. sir jee! good to see you...

    watched the movie jus an hour back.
    was kinda boring.... every one searching for kala bandar... bullshit...

    muzic is awesome.... sonal kapor is gud... but overall a thumbs down...

    "yeh delhi 6(movie) hai mere yaar, isko dekhna hai bekaar"

    BTW, is that Absolut ur gulping down?...;-)

  10. @ Mon
    honestly except the music there was li'il that I can recommend about the movie... its a very poorly put together movie

    @ Tootsy..
    I am glad to see you here after a long time !!!
    I am yet to watch Dev D... I am hoping it would be a good movie..

    and I agree about the song :)

    @ Vinod
    :) it was fun !!!

    I have a feeling I would like Dev D... I am a fan of Abhay deol and he has not let me down so far in any of his movies !!!

    @ Joy
    oh we had loads of fun !! :)

    You should go and get the CD right away... its a brilliantly done score !! something much better than what got Rahman an oscar in my opinion !

    interesting insight into the bush-shirt... oh and sarkari babu's still wear safari suits... looks like its been a while you have been to one of the typical govt. offices :)

    @ Chandan
    we had a rocking time...

    I think it was written by Prasoon Joshi only... atleast thats what the google says on a number of sites I could see...

    and the music on this number.. brilliant !!!

    @ Ankur
    exactly !!!!

    @ Kashmira
    oh there was a terror time of this monkey man for a while in delhi and surrounding areas.. but turned out that it was more of a exploded set of chinese whispers and nothing more... everything that people did not have a clue about was being blamed on this mysterious monkey man !!!

    Chandni chawk to khud jakar dekhne wali jagah hai.. seriously.... there is so much in that area that everytime you go its a new flavour

    @ Aro

    @ Anony
    pet was another highlight of the video ! thanks for bringing that up !!

    @ Ankit
    thanks bro...

    :) i share the same opinions !!!

    oh and thats lemonade

  11. Iam yet to watch the movie..so is it about the kala bandar thigie..another friend of mine told about it, and i refused to believe him..the promos looked so good..didnt even feel once,it was about that..but i knew delhi ki kam hi shootin hai..they shot in delhi only for 10 days..rest is all lucknow n mumbai..

    but A.R.Rahman is brilliant as alwayz..love his muzikkk..the hip jop beats are obviously the turn on..u knw..i did the similar ting while watchin ur video, the moment that hip hop yhig started i moved..gosh the beats r indeed moving..n thnx for the explaination..i myslf didnt get that bush shirt waal part, i didnt understnd that part,i thought she said "dushant hai bada..." some crap..hehehe..

    Oh n yeah its good to see u in d video..as i alwyz say, i have a somewhat resemblence with junior AB!!

    haan do watch DEV D..iam a fan of Abhay Deol too..m sure u will like the movie!!

  12. oh n i forgot to mention..wasnt it snowing a couple of days back..how come the fan is on..pheww..n lemonade in winters??

  13. @ Vaishali
    mostly about the Kalabandar and a few stories in between...

    It seemed more of a movie around communal harmony and not about Delhi 6... maybe I am over critical of it because of Aks and Rang De Basanti ! maybe I should not be... but I am sure i did not like this attempt !

    The songs are awesome, like I said before better than the Jai Ho... not that I don't like it... Sukhvinder has done magic with the music AR Rahman has given in that song... what a beautiful flow that song has !

    There is another video that I am going to upload soon !! and that's it from this trip :)

    Dev D sure !

    It was snowing the same day too... and the temperature was well below zero ! but the rooms are warm... was I not in just a T shirt? so fans and lemonades are more than welcome inside the houses !

  14. LOL!
    Sure you guys had a great time!

    Like the way you were explaining all the "rishtas" and @ "hum to choti hi lenge nanad". And @ "bush-shirts", hadn't heard that term in a long long while!

    I hadn't heard this song, or about the movie before!!!

  15. your video was definitely more entertaining than the movie :))...but delhi6 did have some interesting insights but by the lack of depth..or dont know what..it failed to make a deep enough impact!!

    cd bought thank you...:)not downloaded i will have you know :)..though did give that option a thought ;)

    you are right govt office not visited..thank god...never a pleasant expereince..but last visit..had noticed ..safari was on way out...and smart shirts n pants were in :))

    and your friend above did say it right....AB jr does copy your dance moves...well in this song he did...lol!!

  16. @ Jas...
    we truly had a great time :)

    listen to this song... you might just want to listen to it again and then again and then one more time before you start again :)

    atleast that's what I have been doing ! :)

    @ Joy
    All that funda of communal harmony and one world one god is something that I am in agreement to and I have witnessed that whenever I have being roaming around in Chandni Chawk myself, however I personally feel that this movie wasted a lot of talent and a plot that could have been used better !

    Good you bought the CD ! proud of you !

    AB jr copies my dance moves and my beard too! bugger !

  17. Hmm...this is FUN-FUN video. Sahi hai!

    Movie...started of well but turned out to be pretty average. I LOVE the music of the film. I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE Abhishek in the movie. Did you call him a bugger?? Dare you do that again. Teri naak todh dungi, Omzi.

    Sonam Kapoor is just another character in the film. She has amazing screen presence but has been wasted. I was expecting some more romance between the lead pair. But then the movie was not supposed to be a love story. I agree, Atul Kulkarni is a big waste in the film. I like Divya Dutta.

    Genda Phool is amazing. 'Rehna Tu' could have been shot so romantically...I think it is one of the most romantic songs released lately but I was disappointed to see the way it has been shot...:(.

    Monkey man...ehh..'Kala bandar'...hmm...think it was Mehra-Joshi's way of conveying the message that the Kala Bandar lives within us.

    I really liked the sets. They recreated 'purani dilli' in Sambhar, Rajasthan and about 75 percent of the film is shot there.

    The biggest disappointment was the climax. What was Big B doing in the climax? Eesh! That scene was so forced on. It just spolit it all.

    But I still liked the film. Because it brought back lots of memories of my childhood. I grew up in old Lucknow and purani dilli and old Lucknow are very similar. The movie reminded me of my ancestral home in Lucknow... those days when we broke into a song on winter afternoons while helping mom and aunts make 'papad' and 'achaar', days of joint families where everyone stood by each other, playing 'sikdi' on the terrace while pigeons flew around us, helping bros fly kites, smell of hot jalebi and samosas...I can go on and on.

    I like 'Delhi 6' minus the climax.

  18. @ Swati
    total funn it was :)

    Yes I did call him what I did !!! copy cat he is !!! but then I respect your love for him so I will refrain from calling him anything directly from now on :)

    Honestly there was no big deal with the so called "sets" go to any city with a history and you will find these there, like I said it could have been a story of Bhopal or Lucknow or Banaras or anywhere !

    We all have reasons to like things and not like them too :) I am glad this movie brought back memories to you !

  19. Sasuraal Gainda Phool! I will explain it this way. Gainda Phool or merigold is one of the folwers used in almost all the occassions, its used in gardens because most of grass eating animals dont approach gardens if you have merigold grown in it. It is used in Poojas espacially Durga pooja. The Song itself explains that Saass gari deve.... Whatever may happen in Sasural be it scolding or waiting for the loved one to arrive or be it comments from in Laws. But real respect that a girl gets is in Sasural. The song uses Aatishyokti Alankar while describing the same. Indian society believes in one thing. Ladki Paraya dhan and Sasural is the place where she would get the respect from society even though it is not true. It is just about the society that even if you are in Sasuraal you wont get comments from society i.e. "Ladki aachi nahi hai isliye maike chod gaye ise" and all! The comments from society is far better then the Scoldings from Sasural and that is why Sasuraal is like gainda phool which is similar to something which is used in all the ostentations and Poojas.

  20. came across another interpretation of the genda phool song. http://iamshoonya.blogspot.com/2009/02/here-is-why-sasural-is-like-genda-phool.html