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Refresh Complete !

Had a very refreshing weekend !!!

Hope you enjoyed too !!!

And sincere apologies for not being able to respond to any comments on the last few posts !! Have been crazy busy at work and was out for the weekend ! Will write soonest !


  1. :)))

    If days are flying... u r sure enjoying every bit of it :DD

    take care dear and keep njoying :DD

  2. ncie to know that u had a refreshing weekend.. i had a re-capturing weekend :)

  3. well it was refreshing at my end too ....drove upto narkanda....first outstation trip of the car and tried to hike upto hatu but was not able to do so cuz of loads of snow. so came back when 2 kms were left.......pics coming soon :D

  4. Yesh... very refreshing... where did you go? Write soon.

  5. Hey..kewl..nice to know this!!
    I spent my weekend like a nice couch potato..watched TV..whooooole day long..seriously..it was crazy!!

  6. @ Chakoli...
    you bet :)

    thanks !!! and hope the ditto for you too :)

    @ Anoop
    :) I would like to hear about it more..

    @ Deepu...
    Awesome... I am sure the views at this time of the year would be beautiful... I can only imagine the hills and the white and the blue... CP hai na tere paas?

    I am waiting for the pictures !!!

    @ Subbu

    bhai Minneapolis gaya thaa... likhunga soon !

    @ Vaishali
    Very nice !!! :) you did not go out and party?

    @ Burf
    yo !

  7. Hey! Good to hear that.
    Looking forward to see the pictures.

  8. Nah i didnt..it was a quite and lazy Vday for me

  9. Nah i didnt..it was a quite and lazy Vday for me