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Taking a step back !

I had mentioned it a few weeks back that I was seriously thinking of getting a film camera and after a few initial thoughts, I finally got myself a Canon AE1 Program along with a Canon f1.4 FD Lens...

No longer in production ( for obvious reasons) the Canon AE1-Program was introduced in 1981 and has been one of the more successful cameras Canon has in its kitty !

I have bought it to click some B/W film and do more street photography... Call me strange or crazy or whatever, I am pretty happy that I got it !


  1. enjoy ...enjoy...enjoy.....look forward to seeing the prints.. :))

    some of the most pleasurable gifts are those we gift ourselves with our own hard earned money....

  2. beautiful..........one of the best canon ever produced.....good choice

  3. kuch photos generate karo

  4. All the best mr photgrapher..hope to see some great works soon!!

  5. Hope to see some more fab work from your latest purchase. I still have and use my old film cameras, only film of choice and good printers are very hard to get by now.

  6. 1981!
    I really can't leave any intelligent comment before reading up on AE1! :D

    We'll be awaiting AE1's work!

  7. @ Joy
    thanks... I am also looking forward to the prints :)

    most of my gifts are such pleasurable only :) my car, my camera, my watches, and whatever that I see around myself :) all of them remind of the effort that went into getting them and make me really happy :)

    @ Deepu
    thanks bro.. yea one of the best canon has ever !

    @ Burf
    haan bhai

    @ Vaishali
    thanks :) great to pata nahin because I think it will take a while before I understand how this camera works...

    @ Chandan
    thanks chandan... I hope I can manage something decent with it...

    I am also struggling to find a decent printer right now... lets see !!

    @ Jas
    yea, 1981.... I think it will take me a while before I can talk anything intelligent about this camera and what it does... but it for sure will teach me a few basics that I am missing !

  8. :)

    love ur new baby...

    but film cameras scare me..hehehe..
    but i will get my own in 1/2 years when I am decently good in digital :)

  9. aapki yahi adaa par toh log fida hain !

    Lage raho lage raho !

  10. Good hai, Omzi!
    Looking forward to see some more good pictures.
    Khush raho and go romance your new camera now.
    Enjoy :)

  11. @ Teekhi Mirchi
    thanks :)

    I hope you get one soon

    @ Kshitiz
    thanks bro

    @ Swati
    :) look forward to some pictures, good or bad to time hi batayega :)

    thanks !

  12. All i can say is that the shutter click sound of it is to die for!!

    My dad used to have one back in 1984's

    Oh and this my first comment entry to the blog world!

  13. @ Sukant...

    good to see you here :)
    and yes.. that sound is a killer !!!