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A trip down the Memory Lane :)

I was talking to Tunna a few days back she told me about something that she was thinking about... memories associated with long lost friends and they coming back with something that happens today... She even wrote something and sent it to me and wanted me to write about it...

Here is what she had written :

I am sure it must have happened with all of us....some things, some incidences...trigger our thoughts for someone.... The life seems to be moving fine....we all busy with chasing our dreams...but in midst of this madness how come thoughts of someone find its way... I was sharing these thoughts with one of my collegues...and the reply came.." are u unhappy" And i realised i have made the mistake of sharing my precious feelings with some idiot..i dnt have to be sad to be missing... I thnk ppl still dont realise someone can be missed with a smile...some moments wen run thru...jus leaves u wth smile.,..and only smile... this one is for all ( ths all is not the large...actually very few) my dear friends i have not been able to speak in a long time....i miss the time spend,.,..wth time i value u even more...

I feel good friends are like old letters that over a period of time might hide under a pile of books or other things, but when you are cleaning up your mess, you are bound to reach that letter again, read it, sit back and relax, and think about the great times you two had together... even make an attempt to find out where they are and get in touch with them again... distances, times, circumstances suddenly do not matter in such cases....

Good friends are also like the songs that you once loved and could listen over and over and over again, and then with time you moved on to listening some new numbers, new singers, etc, and suddenly that song plays back on the radio and you are reminded of how much you have loved, and missed that song too... just that you might not have realised it... and you just get back home and find the music you 'love' to love...

There are people I associate with, who have been fantastic friends and probably they are today as well, but with time we lost touch... I am not sure where they are, what are they upto, and in some cases I am in touch with them as well,

And all this while I make new memories everyday...

Some of the people and my memories that have some space in one of the other corner of my head and heart ...

The walks with Nimisha and Taru, to bus stands other than our college stand so that we could miss the bus and spend more time talking and walking together,

Me and Nimisha going to Taru's place one morning and singing together throughout and even on our way back,

A holi riot at Abhay's place when we took out buckets of water from his bathroom and socked everyone wet in the room (God only knows how his mattresses and other stuff would have dried; must have taken ages; the entire house was a water hole),

Me and Kapil bhai walking and discussing our scripts and singing Sa Re Ga Ma from Chupke chupke ( apparently we two used to sing it very well),

My IIIrd standard fight with Sandeep when I had beaten him black and blue in the school bus and over years we turning to best pals EVER ( every evening we were sure to spend atleast 2 hours walking around the entire sector and talking whatever nonsense)

The ice cream after getting off the school bus and dividing the payments between Sandeep, Neeraj and Me... the bugger Aakash never used to pay...

The duplicate film roll that we bought from a shop on our Xth standard farewell and the messed up pictures that we go from it.. Neeraj you ass, I had asked you to buy the roll the previous day

Working with Meghna in the street plays and spending so much time talking about everything under the sun

Taking Himanshu's bike for the interview at Spectramind.. the poor guy waiting for me till like 10 in the night in his college only because my interview formalities had not finished

Narang always telling me that I was making a mistake when I was going around with Shikha in Hughes

Adi, Me, Aro, Anmol, KB, Narang singing, "Babuji Zara Dheere Chalo..." before we used to start our shifts :D and anmol's typical my name is arthurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, and me Aro and Narang adding the "teri maaaaaaaaaa kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" in the same tone :D

Loads and loads of conversations with Aro and Tushar in the last 5 years !!!

Haircut Trips to Ganga Shopping complex with Tushar...

Ankur calling the Pangong Tso, Tso Moriri at Diskit :D and that too in a video and his dialogue about the stuck vehicles on our way to Pangong... Aaj to Phencho dekh kar hi jayenge !!! and that Saale firangi, this in India, yahan everything has a jugaad :D

And how can I forget the Up-32 at Khardungla :)

Strange enough, I do not remember much about Ahlcon and those two years that I spent in that school, except the fact that I really liked and respected my physics teacher, Mrs. Archana Deepak!!!

There are million memories more... Can write a book about them :) there are some sad ones too, and even though I remember them, I choose to not talk about them here... no point !!! life is happy !!

Have a happy weekend !!! God Bless :)

Stills :
Deepu and Aro with Ankur's daughter Neitya at the gurudwara Nangal Sahib
A lovely bunch of kids in Ambikapur, Chattisgarh
Deepu, Kavita and Anjie at the south group of temples, Khajuraho
Kids in Ambikapur, Chattisgarh
Two friends at the Hauz Khas Monument, Delhi
Bunch of kids in Moradabad
Deepu, Anubhav, Me and Ankur at the North Pullu, Ladakh
The Up-32 family at Khardungla pass, Ladakh :)
Tushar and me near Ram Jhula in Rishikesh


  1. "memories pressed between the pages of my mind....sweetened thru the ages just like wine ..." your post reminded me of this song i used to like a lot....

    happy tripping :)..down memory lane

  2. What an emotional post!
    I'm already missing my old friends.

    I like the comparison between old friends and song. So true.

  3. strange enough - i was caught up with memories of long lost relationship. felt sad and happened to come to ur blog and read this post.

    i'm glad i did.

  4. Nice comparisons,between friends and things around..
    sure you dont remember much about Ahlcon..you have even messed up with the spelling.. :P
    Both sad and happy times for me,when i think about History(ies)!!

    but nice an d touching post in all!!

  5. ur post brought a tear in my eye prashie.. i don't know why..

  6. @ Joy...
    I am high hic on memories :P

    @ Swati...
    I hope you try to reach out to some of them...


    @ Bhoomi
    Relationships, and the long lost ones do make one sad... they are like the song that you like and don't want to hear to and plays everytime you switch on the radio... uff...

    glad you did too :) Hope you are feeling better :)

    @ Vaishali
    thanks... arre thanks for pointing that out I have an application called Alcon in Infosys and everytime I am writing to someone about it, I write Ahlcon :P and yahan par bhi ulta kar diya...

    @ Kavita
    aww... hope that was a happy tear darling! I am so sorry... Our trip was one of the best that I remember... miss those days !

  7. Really sweet post!
    You should totally write a book someday on memories... i am sure it will be a best seller!

    And I miss my friends more now ..

  8. Very nicely written...straight from the heart.

  9. Thanks PB for putting this post!! i knew u would put it beautifully...
    Friends are - THE most precious possesion.
    The only realtion which is over and above social obligations..and with no restrictions.
    Thanks once again buddy

  10. beautiful post........suprised to see so many pics of mine :D

    me and pondy on sat were chalking out the spiti plan once u come back.........so wapas jaldi se aaja

  11. Bhai... imagine my plight during the Q-drive days... I was Arthurrrrr's auditor... the worst thing was, couldn't even cut marks for that :(

    Guptaji was great during the Ladakh trip :) ... aur tere paas UP-32 ki photo abhi bhi hai!!! Yeh to sachha pyar hai :P

  12. wow ur entire life depicted in these memories. wud surely want to know about more happy memories of urs.

  13. nice walk down the memory lane...

    I call them as Happy Missing Days :)

    Cheers and God Bless

  14. The B&W pix of the bacchas are awesome Prashant!

  15. Looks like the first time I left my comment on the other post! Crazy scatterbrain me!
    Here it is again! :)

    Wonderful post! I also once in a while send such emails to my friends when I haven't been able to keep in touch...and just one thought puts you ona roller coaster ride thru the memory lane, of good times spent with close friends...
    And amazing photographs on your Flickr site...

    And can I add you to my blogroll please?

  16. your blog indeed is my favorite...

    U should have put your chai wali pic also....

  17. @ Kshitiz
    aayega bhai, wo din bhi aayega :)


    @ Aditi
    thanks :)

    @ Tunna
    this one is for and because of you darling :)

    @ Deepu
    why are you surprised? you are one of the people I am so glad to know bro :)

    @ Subbu
    hehehe... I am sure you enjoyed those days :D

    Guptaji was rocking !!!

    sachcha hai bhai pyaar... koi shaq thaa tujhe?

    @ Rahi

    @ Tanu

    @ Chandan
    thanks chandan

    @ Jas
    :) thanks for your comment... and please feel free to add to the blogroll

    @ Anjuli
    thanks dear...

    Chai wali picture some other time some other post :)