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Another one of (not so) random thoughts

Mon, a dear friend, few days back wrote about how people change with time, how close friends grow apart and a few other things... Somehow that does not surprise me at all... People change, distances grow or reduce, and so on and so forth... with time I have learnt to accept that as a fact, however the good thing is that with time my faith in those handful of relationships that I guard like crazy and will do ANYTHING to save has also strengthened !!!

What surprises me are those people who can be absolutely different like black and white at the same time ( and that includes me too at times)... The warmest souls to some, and the worst people on earth for someone else ! Saying something and being someone ELSE at the same time! Thankfully I cannot be someone else and claim to be a different person at the same time, but there are people who can. I can get into the tactical details here, but that would just mean talking more about a few people I know, which I am not sure is required !

While I agree that this can happen with every one, every time I think about this, I am reminded of someone I knew who was a classic example of being two faces at the same time !!! Phew !!! Before that I never knew that such extremes are possible!

I secretly hope that I do not bump into one of such amazing people in my life, but then I am not the one deciding the flow here :) I am just rafting !!! let it come !!!

Tushar bhai, I miss Rishikesh and our rafting trips !!!


  1. Most people have not just two, but a lot many faces depending upon who they are interacting with, hai na?

  2. Yes, but that's not what I talking about... I am talking about conflicting expressions of personality, saying one thing and doing the exact opposite... Showcasing themselves in a specific way to the world, and being the exact opposite in personal interactions...

  3. hmm..dual faced people are always difficult to deal with..but thats life..u come across all sorts of people..might even come across a few later too!!

  4. one of the things that appeal in your blog is your honesty...and ability to reveal your darker nature and your pain....all of us have a dark side..but most of have learnt to hide this darker side.....since this is a transactional society everyone wants what is shiny and nice...so we put on a beautiful mask ..to hide the insecurities and our own weaknesses......the shiner the mask and the more it is flaunted...often darker is what is inside....i have seen in my experience.....

    and since it is a mask...sooner than later it will come off.......and one is taken aback by the ugliness of reality !!

    you are one of those exceptional people who accepts even the darkness of others and makes them feel cared for inspite of that...those who could not appreciate this and you...well its their huge loss!!!!!

    a shallow stream easily changes its course...but for a river that runs deep it may take years to do so......after rafting in all volumes of water you realise that the waters that run deep are the ones that have the most fun rapids ;)

  5. One doesn't need to show dual expressions... still one may be perceived as someone different than what he is. Also expressions can definitely change depending on social settings.

  6. Ahhh...
    people have dual expressions... thats not at all a surprise....

    some guys/gals I have seen... would surely be so sweet to the opp gender... and when it comes to speak to the same gender... they get so arrogant... ugggh!!!

  7. Understand that you're trying to talk of the negative aspect, but sometimes it becomes important to project yourself as someone that you're not. And that is for the simple reason that you do not want everyone to know of your weaknesses.

  8. # Vaishali..
    you bet... very difficult :) and they make lives difficult for others too..

    # Joy..
    thanks for the kind words !!! :) par un super humans ka kuch karao aap !!!

    # Subbu...
    bhai, agreed... par main kuch aur bol raha thaa...

    # Chakoli...
    you are right...

    # Richa..
    Agreed !

  9. bhai aja
    i miss trips with you to far and away

  10. Yeah right...black and white...and then greys too. I wish I would know which category do I fall into...or you for instance ! Take care even if you dont bother to message back.

  11. # Burf...
    haan yaar...

    # Mon
    I fall into multiple categories depending on who is on the other side...

    If you are talking about text messages on the phone, I don't get them on this number for some reaon !!! Not sure if I missed responding to any email that you wrote to me or any comment that you left !