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Chai Ki Dukaan by चायबाज़ क्षितिज

Chai Ki Dukaan, originally uploaded by HappyHorizons.

notes from me:

Am I really an attention seeker? I am not sure, but attention does add fuel to my acts... I feel more responsible coz I realize someone is watching and maybe taking notes as well...

Thanks Kshitiz for the lovely photograph...


  1. i can see you sitting at this tea stall....and slurping chai and biskutt :)

    what a sweet dedication kshitiz :)

    attention seeking ..nothing you can do about it ...you r born an aries ....but if you are @ peace/accepting and intouch with yourself ..how does it matters what others think...
    ...taking notes....very good you have become quite a celebrity ;)

  2. :) arre aapne yahaan bhi daal diya pic ko !

    Pakka se milenge india mei toh we will go to such a stall and remember this shot !

  3. I like Jo's pic...have seen it earlier though :)

  4. oh the other is nice as well :) very apt to the mood of the chai stall...

  5. # Joy...
    :) I can see myself doing that too :P

    The word others is a li'il too big :) I care what some others think and don't care for the rest of the others :P

    # Kshitiz...
    yahin to daalni thi bhai aur kahan jaati :)

    # Reeta
    yea, thats a very nice picture..

    haan, thats a typical choti si chai ki dukaan !

  6. attention seeker..lol..everyone loves it..

  7. # Vaishali...
    in the too much attention sense re...

  8. Thanks Marah.... tu bhi Karanchi se ek foto kheech kar bhej na please!!!