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2008, the year that was !!!

This is a long post... I would recommend reading along with the pictures but then if you just want to have a look at some pictures, scroll on !!!

While I was getting ready for the new year...

I thought, why not write about what all I have been upto in 2008...

I was at the Chai ki Dukaan

I was in Air

I was in Water

I drove

I traveled in Trains

I travelled in Buses

I relaxed

I walked

I was with friends

I was with Family

I was alone

I saw rains

I saw clouds

I saw Snow

I saw Sunsets and Sun-rises

I saw buildings that man made

I saw caves that man decorated

I saw some Art

and made some myself

I started cooking

I spread some smiles

met some great new people

and let go of some !!

Took more photos of nature

and even more of people

I realized how much I love B/W, both in Life and Photography...

I even had an exhibition in New Delhi :)

I got closer to my country
And I stayed far far away from it too...

All in all, this has been such a remarkable year for me that I could not have imagined !!! Lets hope that I come out a winner in 2009 as well...

Amen !

And now !

I should get back to work :) I have spent more than 90 minutes on this post already :P

But you keep visiting Chai Ki Dukaan !!! It feels great to have company here !!!


  1. fantastic post.....and what a lot you have journeyed and not only in air water and space..but as a person!!

    the year coming will only be better, its really what you will make of it...may be different but if the past is any indication ..it will only be a wonderful journey ...god bless you mr chaiwala ....may there always be a steaming cup of tea just a hand away :))

  2. ...and i forgot to mention....fantastic photographs !!!...and since i am rather selective in my admiration of photographs these days..these must really be good :P

  3. I just LOVE your photographs!! I will not get tired of saying it... they are Beautiful .. and what a beautiful year you had... full of colors (even with the B&W pics), laughters, travels, meetings, thoughts....
    Happy New Year 2009!

  4. Awesome snaps.. Each one is a masterpiece.. Inspirational..

    And equally wonderful words connecting them..

  5. Wow! Amazing pics, and amazing story! You have done SO much in just one year! Wish you a very content 2009 as well!

  6. all the best for 2009

  7. i must say, you have seen a lot in life :) hope the coming year continues to unfold before you the beauty of life in its myriad colours.

    thanks for such a lovely post.

  8. lovely post..hope 2009 n the years ahead are even better for u!!

  9. Wow! that was a complete 'Ghumakad' year..2008..nai :) Marah..wishoo bundles of success and joy for 2009!!!


  10. :) Simple yet sucha powerful post!
    You definitely had a good time in 2008 and I am sure 2009 has loads in store for u too !
    I feel honored to have met ya ...!

    God Bless!

  11. *jaw dropping smile* AMAZING post.. the best recollection of 2008 I have seen... no wonder you always stya as one of my favorite blogger nad chai ki dukaan is one of my favorite blogs....

    herez raising a toast for a happy 2009 for you....

    and looking forward to meet you in person in this year...

  12. A touching post..yeah really..iam sure people and infact you would find it funny,when i say this..but it is..and I dont know why i felt that ways..but iam glad you had a great year..wish you to have such many mores..
    God Bless!!

  13. Oh BTW i forgot to mention..nice collection of pics, put in..
    and really like the way you have described it!!
    Good work again!!

  14. Have fun in 2009 just like you did in 2008. Cheers!

  15. Very happy to see this post. :) Have a great 2009 as well!

    The pictures are nice, liked Burf's the best.

  16. Very nice. And awesome pictures too. I should learn some photography tricks from you :)

  17. One of your bestest post's so far Murari - loved it so much that now u r gonna be my rockstar for an entire week - Just Imagine! :)

    Here's wishing that 2009 is even more splendid with peace of mind, happyness 'n more imp'ly endless spirit that remains forever in pursuit of happpiness.

    God bless you always,


  18. I was having a bad day and this post made me smile :)
    Thank you!

    hmm...One of the best posts I've read in a long time :) The pictures are fantastic as always :)

    Wish you a year full of happiness, love, success and good health.
    Keep spreading smiles :)

  19. aww this is such a wonderful post oye...
    I love the I relaxed wala pic and the snow wala looks much better here than there...kiya kya usko?

  20. cheer's and wonderful pictorial essay of the year that went by..

    all the best for years to come along..

  21. enjoyed the recap...needless to say ~ lovely pictures!

  22. btw, i liked the pic of the people you let go of :) Wah! Kya representation hai!

  23. wow,what a great post prashant.
    i wish you many many more adventures like these.
    god bless and all the best.

  24. One of your best posts that I have read! Simple yet very very touching and connecting. I loved it. Keep writing Omzie. I like that creative streak. I am so proud of you for everything you did but one thing. Cheers.

  25. # Joy...
    Thanks... I hope the new year is as good as the previous one.. I have a few reasons to believe that it would !!!

    The cup of tea :) yea.. that makes so much of difference in a lot of things !!!

    And thanks for the comment on photographs

    # Marie...
    thanks... and yes, what a wonderful year this was !!!!

    Hope you have a great new year too :)

    # Gaurav
    thanks bro....

    Same to you

    # Bhoomi,
    thanks... Life has been pretty kind to me always :) with the occasional complaints :)

    and you are welcome, I am glad you liked going through it...

    thanks :) better for all of us :)

    # Nida...
    :) ekdum Ghumakkad year marah !!! maza aa gaya is saal to... 2009 bhi aisa hi ho to aur bhi badiya...

    Amen !

    # Kshitiz
    :) I sure had... thanks bro..

    and the feeling is mutual

    # Anoop...
    hehehe... thanks bro... Chai ki dukaan is one of my favorite places in the world as well !

    Amen to the meeting part... lets see..

    I don't find it funny, its probably true to some extent :)

    thanks for the nice wishes :)

    Thanks again :)

    # Subbu
    haan bhai, pakka :)

    # Richa
    stay happy !!! God bless...
    burf to cheeta hai :)

    # Emma
    thanks... more than happy to share what I know... the best part is Photography is no tricks :) its all heart for me :)

    # Bindiya
    arre sahi... mera new year gift is-se badiya nahin ho sakta :) thanks darling...

    thank you hai bada wala

    # Swati...
    glad to be of help :)

    thanks a ton...

    # Reeta
    thanks re...

    Snow wale ki processing thodi different hai... still learning how to handle such pictures..

    # Tanu

    Hope you have a wonderful year ahead too..

    :) thanks..

    # Kashmira...
    hehehe... :) haan jungle mein chhod aaya sabko :)

    # Megha
    thanks... I am sure they would continue :)

    God Bless

    # Mon
    thanks... will do..

    and just one :) that some record...

    If I start writing there are so many that I am not proud of :) par kya karen, that is what it is :)

  26. bahut hi acha post hai.......i am sure u will have equally photogenic yr ahead :D

    india kab aaraha hai ?

  27. Lovely post:-)

    May you have a rocking year ahead!


  28. Had fun visiting your second blog too...wow...what a full year 2008 has been. Here's hoping 2009 is even more productive. :)

  29. # Deepu
    Amen bhai Amen !!!

    # Arch
    :) thanks..

    # Anjuli

    # Vagabond
    :) thanks... I am sure this year is going to be great as well !!!

    # FighterJet
    thanks :)

  30. some very good photos
    and one very bad photo

  31. I knew you would say that... par guess what I don't care... That photograph is my copyright, and I can use it anywhere... even your matrimonial adverts !!!

  32. Verrrrry nicely put... was worth 90 mins

  33. # Photographer Pappu...

  34. you have amazing way to express... very nice work

  35. beautiful pictures. I liked them all. so much u did in 2008. my best wishes that u do more such good things in 2009 and the years to come.happy new year to u

  36. @ Rahi...
    many thanks !!! God bless !

  37. what a fantastic post dude !!!!!!have a supah 2009 buddy

  38. Thanks Bhaw... so good to see you here !!!!

  39. Aaah! what a phenomenal post of a phenomenal year! These pics were brilliant! some stand out in my head, especially the kid bowling. The bus shot, the water shot, the pic of your dad & friends. And I didn't know you had an exhibition in Delhi this last year!!! Congrats! keep the awesome work going. I had a great time on your blog :)