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of Love that is not that common, but IS !

I was in college, and like most of the other college going lads would not leave an opportunity to show off my smartness at the drop of a hat !

So I went to this marriage function and I saw her !!! She knew me and I knew her, we had met a few times previously, were introduced to each other too, but never got talking !!!

It was her brother's marriage, and she out of courtsey came and talked to me... and then the smartass mr. Prashant spoke, "आप अकेले अकेले chewing gum खा रही हो, मुझे नहीं दी !!!" (aap akele akele chewing gum kha rahi ho, mujhe nahin di)... and she simply takes her gum out of her mouth and offers it to me !!! I am stunned and She just laughs her ass off !!! and I still shocked ! Thankfully I am saved from any further embarrassment, and her friends come and take her away !! I am sure I was their laughing stock for the evening !!!

However later in the evening, we met again and I took her number... I think she felt safe giving her number to a stupid guy... we cannot be much trouble, I guess !!!

I did not call her for a while... weeks in fact, and after a month or so I gather enough courage and call her up, hoping that she picks up the phone... she does, and she says," ओह, तो फ़ोन कर ही लिया आपने, मुझे तो लगा के फ़ोन नम्बर कॉल्लेक्ट करने का शौक है आपको "! (oh!, to phone kar hi liya aapne, mujhe to laga phone number collect karne ka shawk hai aapko) third encounter, second embarassing moment !!!

That one phone call matured to a call a week and then, in not too long a time, our daily 1600 hrs 30 minute call... and then transformed into one of the most beautiful relationships of my life... It did not work out the way we wanted ( but that's another story, and I rather not talk about it right now)

Bhoomi and me went around for a good 4 years, and she, till date, is the only woman, who managed to pull my leg as often and leave me dumbstruck and in a state of shock like no one else... but her chuckle and more often than not a loud laughter at my state, made me happy...

It was like I grew up with her, from college to masters, overdose of Theatre in Graduation, to loads of study and Basketball in Post Graduation, to the IT bubble burst and my hunt for jobs and the stress and struggle, and my first training/job and then the real fist job !!! I think it was THE perfect relationship... no point regretting now though...

anyway, why was I talking about Bhoomi?

because I was reminded of my second longest relationship ( yea yea, I have a few extra feathers in my cap, but so what!!!)

Radha... another relationship that did not take much time to develop and only got stronger with time !!! My first and only "Love at first sight" as far as I can remember... here are a few pictures of her that I took on our first long drive together to Uttaranchal ( now uttarakhand).. More than 4 years now and her charm is still as strong as the day I first saw her !!!

Some more pictures from the trip here and here. and if you are keen on reading about the trip click here.


  1. hey ya,
    I hv heard that..sure Love is!!Came to chai ki dukaan after very long..first in this year..wish you lotsa love,light and abundance.


  2. lol @ the chewing gum wala part... i can imgine the situation :)))

    and my bestest and heartfelt wishes for you and radha... :)

  3. :)
    Beautiful feelings which have been put togther very beautifully in this post.
    (btw, i almost fell of laughing when I visualised the chewing-gum episode...hehe)

  4. LMAO kheee... I laughed out really loud on reading the chewing gum part...intereshting...

    Radha looks nice indeed...drive ka tumhe pata hai :)

  5. # Richa

    # DarkSecrets
    hey... thanks Deepti :)

    # Kashmira
    haan, hai to sahi !!

    # Vinod
    thank God no one around heard it, nahin to !! :P

    and thanks.. Radha and me will go a long way together I am sure :)

    # Swati...
    thanks :)

    yea, that chewing gum episode... it all started from there :)

    # Reeta...
    hehehe :)
    Radha looks the best :)

  6. Netra se pyaar waali kahaani yahin se toh inspire hui thhi :)

    Wishing many more years of bliss together!

  7. radha really rocks.......i am sure she is one u r missing most out there........

  8. Seriously major majak aapka!!

    BTW radha is looking like a bride in green forest!

  9. # Kshitiz...
    arre sahi... I am glad :)

    thanks bro

    # Deepu...
    haan yaar, missing her a lot... pata nahin kab chalane ka mauka milega next...

    # Paavani
    hehe... seriously major :)

    Radha was looking gorgeous that entire drive :)

  10. मज़ा आ गया. हमारी भी जवानी याद आने लगी. वे भी क्या दिन थे. आभार.

  11. He he... I heard the chewing gum story before, but it's still very funny. A lady with a fine sense of humor, you were lucky.

    Luckily Radha is all business, no funny sense of humor required there :)

  12. fir wohi teen par barasta paani..
    kabhi neeche baith humbaant-te they khushiyaan dhaani.....

    woh bikhre pal fir sametne ka man kara... shukriya...

  13. sadly none of the rest matters... its only the relationship which u give and heart soul to that matters... and not vice versa

  14. :)
    Very sweet .. and and radha make such a wonderful couple...
    And she blushes red in ur presence ..

    ( update on my blog ... I need to start.. will update and drop a line. currently working on what I wanna post thr )
    Ps: Even I like Teekhi Mirchi .. :P

  15. hmm ur radha is really beautiful. also bhoomi seemed to hav a gr8 sense of humour. wo alag bat hai ki bakra aap ban jate the

  16. # PN Subramanian
    dhanyawaad :)

    # Tushar
    PPP? matlab? bhool gaya bhai !!!

    # Subbu...
    :D she was awesome with her sense of humour...scary at times as well !!!

    Bang on about Radha :)

    # Tarana
    she sure is !!

    # Reetika
    :) beautiful words

    # Nida
    which part of it.. my bakra part or my car part :)

    # Anony

    # TeekhiMirchi
    yea, she is sweet... one of my best pals !!!

    # Rahi...
    Yea, Radha is the prettiest of them all :)

    Pata nahin kitni baar bana hoon Bakra !!! endless would be an understatement !!!

  17. radha keeps herself so updtodate.. jodi achi hai tum dono ki.

    abhi tumhara comment dhang se padha on 'guccha' serial on sundays. you wont believe even my mom used to do the same for us. pehle nahaao,fir serial dekhte dekhte khaana kha sakte ho. aur sunday ko only 1 hour dekhna, either ramayan or this animated.
    aur main bathroom main jaaker bass haath paav ,muh geela kar leti thi aur maani diwaaron per daalker baahar aa jaati thi. ho gaya nahana !!! :P
    those were the days when we really never had to think about tomorrow and only lived in Today.hmmm

  18. # Geet...
    you bet :) and what amazing sundays they used to be !!!

  19. men!

    *shaking head in disbelief and laughing her head off at the lady offering a chewed chewing gum* :P

    Too bad things didn't work out with Bhoomi. :|

  20. ha ha really...nice and sweet..

  21. ab samjhe radha kaun hai .. sahi hai.. Kshitiz aur aap.. Netra and Radha are really lucky !