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Tea Stall by चायबाज़ देवजित आचार्य

Tea Stall., originally uploaded by cheerfull_soul.

I loved the green walls ... that prompted me to take the picture.

Time for another ChaiBaaz to be introduced on Chai Ki dukaan...
Name Devjit Acharya, nick name Cheerful Soul

and the photo is from the streets of Banaras.

What I like about him is his fantastic eye to capture moments from the streets and the powerful compositions he presents. Dev is also one of the people who is excellent with photography fundamentals from the group of people I know, needless to say he is one of my favorite photographers and a constant source of inspiration!!!

Check out his flickr page (here) and enjoy !!!

Thanks Dev for letting me post this photograph on Chai Ki Dukaan !


  1. nice shot this...
    like the entire setting...
    shots may differ...
    shots may be beautiful...
    but the essence of a chai ki dukaan aka T shop..empty glasses, aroma of tea till few shops ahead, people catching up on each other, old vessels used like umpteen number of times to make tea..all are same to all the shots :)
    I like this chaibaaz section a lotttt :)

  2. Interesting composition.
    I esp. like the splash of 'green' and the steam.

  3. what makes this really interesting is the snow falling on the bare chested chai wala :))

    i like his tummy ..loaddddsss of tea in there..or must be the desi ghee from the mithai shops :P

  4. and amazing muscles too..from lifting the patila..neat !!

  5. I like the way these tea stallers... puts tea in one and the containers... without spilling even a drop....

  6. @ Reeta...
    yea, very nice picture :)

    you are so right about the common things about a chai ki dukaan !!!

    I like this section too !

    @ Swati...

    @ Joy...

    @ Subbu

    @ Chakoli
    oh you bet... they have mastered that craft !!!

  7. kabir ka doha acha hai. bahot time baad padha maine. suits me

  8. Rahim ka hai !!!

    and it suits almost everyone of us !!!

    you take care of yourself !!!!

  9. Oh totally love that green in the frame!

  10. Wah wah kia photo lia hai :)

  11. # Kshitiz...
    yea thats what adds so much to the picture !!

    @ Vaishali
    yea it sure is :)

    @ Nida
    :) check out his flickr stream, you will find amazing pictures !!