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I used to be HOTT, but now I am too COOL !!!

Oh and the girl in the next cubicle was just speaking to someone, and in that 10 minutes of conversation I heard a good angrezi accent, and a dilli type accent and a south accent together though at different times !!!

Kind of funny :D

And Fiat has introduced Linea and I am in love already with how she looks, though like Deepu also wrote to me in his email, is a bit underpowered... However I feel that FIAT even though looks underpowered from a CC point of view, has enough under the boot and in their brains to decide the torques that a car should have... Radha has might not reach a 60kmph as fast as a Suzuki or Hyundai would, but take her past the 2500rpm mark on the Tacho and it can give any of the much stronger cars a good run for their money.. and this is a personal experience after so many drives between Delhi and Chandigarh !!! It has a punch that is hard to ignore... mmmmmuah Radha !!!

Back to Linea, I like the way they have labeled the versions of the car : Active; Dynamic; and Emotion... makes it closer to your heart !!! That happens with FIAT anyway, this is just that small change that makes it look better instead of a calculative SXi or VXi.

Another interesting thing that I see is the Arm Rest in the front row, I have realized this in the US that it does make a lot of difference in comfort when you are driving... That should also explain why a lot of people like to keep one hand on the gear knob when they are driving!

One thing that I am missing is the ABS and Disc Brakes on the rear... But I also think that there are not too many takers in India yet. Also the OEM versions of these seem to be much expensive than what you can get it done for in open market.

Anyway... Enjoy the Linea website and drive safe !


  1. main aaj bhi bus se aayi office and it was -7 F :P.... defrost hone se bach gayi bass.. but it was fun !!!

  2. BHai ye post to meri samjh mein nahi aayi, may be because I am not going to buy any car yet. But just want to tell that your photoo on the snow is definately COOL.

  3. hehe..now thats some serious cold..man!!

    yeah that hand rest thing is pretty cool..i have noticed the same "hand on the gear thing" a couple of times..even my pa,drives it that way,with his two first fingers on the front panel,and his palm resting on the gear knob.. :D

  4. You are not cool... you are frozen... I am cool :P

  5. -22 now dat is too much Marah !!!
    u deserves an award...woh bhi bada wala .....brrrrrr

  6. -22....OMG.... that is a bit too cold!!

    For your GK, Delhi this year is missing its near zero temperature. Not only delhi, I am also missing that old Delhi ki sardi!!!

  7. # Reeta..

    # Geet..
    bach gai !!! cha :) :P

    # Abhi...
    tu to TT lega bhai sirf... I am hoping you do that soonest !!!!
    thank you hai bhai

    # Vaishali..
    very serious cold... your nose blocks, eyes start watering, and the forehead kind of freezes...

    # Subbu...
    bhai tu to coolest one hai... :P

    # Swati....
    bahut hi sahi ji bahut hi sahi..

    # Friends4ever...

    # Nida...
    hai na... to batao kab mil raha hai award

    # Ankit
    it actually went down to -30... phew...

    I miss Delhi... there is a smell and taste in delhi winter mornings that i love to love...

  8. bhai ghana tahanda ho riya hai tu to

  9. hehe ! ya .. I have to walk around the campus in -28 C cold .. and trust me .. it is NOT at all a bit pleasant!

  10. # Aro...
    haan bhai !!!! bahut zyada

    # Kshitiz...
    Woops !!!!
    I am sure its not pleasant at all !!