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The Joy of Film

NOTHING, and I mean nothing in this world beats the romance of clicking B/Ws on Film... was going through Aro's Picasa stream today and found this picture of mine...

Though the picture is very badly processed, there is something about it that I like... I guess the grains more than anything !!!

This is from a day when we had gone to Chandni Chawk just to have breakfast.. Nigodi Poodi and Bedmi Halwa (you saw a picture of it in the previous post; another picture in this post too)...

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I might buy an old film camera sometime with a 50mm lens (should not cost more than $200) and use it for my street portraits... not sure.. lets see !!!


  1. Nothing like good old film :)
    Trust me on that...

    Yaar... abhi to maine breakfast kiya tha... aur tune yeh Poodi / Halwa / Chandi Chowk likha... bhook lag rahi hai.

  2. you serious about that camera? I might have an SLR for you...within that budget.

  3. the first SLR i touched was a film SLR (when I was in 8th std) - and that is the camera which made me long to own a SLR one day in my life...
    Not a SLR, but I still treasure my Dads Yasica T3 super... it sure is a wonderful little package... but sadly, it have not seen a pack f film for the last couple of years...

  4. ahhh, Chandni Chawk. Memories. The hustle and bustle. I'm grateful and surprised that all my toes are intact - many near-misses from the array of motor and non-motor vehicles whizzing past me.

    Fantastic photo!

  5. bhai...aa ja wapas....bahut din huey chandni chowk gaye huey....bahut jorron ki bhuk lagi hai...main halwa kha ke aata hun...ma ne jabardast banaya hai...

  6. Chandni Chowk to Chicago(well kinda close to that)
    lol..Chandni Chowk is full of such wonderful food outlets rather stalls..

  7. Omzi, sach bataon..mazaa agaya.
    Jaldi se aajao Chandni Chowk chalengay...shoot ke liye aur bahut saara khana khane ke liye.

    (Sunday morning, after watching promos of Delhi6, I was inspired to post my likes and dislikes about Delhi. Finally posted it last night. Aur jab maine tumhara yeh post padha to ek dum maza aagaya :))

  8. # Subbu...
    you bet... I have a few thoughts that need to be put into shape soon :)

    kha saale kha...

    @ Kashmira...
    I am totally serious about it... which camera do you have?

    I actually had zeroed in on the models... A canon A1 (from the classics) or a Nikon f80( from the new models)


    I might go the National Camera Exchange sometime and see if they have one of these classics along with a compatible 50mm f1.8 lens in stock...

    @ Anoop...
    I hope you are using that film camera... for some indoor photos if not anything else...

    why have you not see a pack of film?

    @ Shireena...
    :) that was a nice observation.. toes being intact.. I try to keep them safe too :P


    @ Aro...
    haan yaar... ek din !!!

    @ Vaishali
    hehehe... you bet

    Chandni Chawk is a treasure, you gotta work hard to find out our jewels :)

    @ Swati...
    :) jaldi hmm... dekhte hain when is the soonest I am back... Honestly, shoot is always secondary for me.. you gotta be a part of the place before you can take that camera out and start clicking... I saw your post.. interesting !!! and loved it :)

  9. nice photograph :) ...and verrry nice smile :)

    in case you cant find what your looking for...there are 2 film cameras...you have here...they need a trip to chandani chowk though :P they have 15++ years worth of dust

    so hey this is a good situation you can eat and get film camera (repaired)...and worse case...repair nahi hoga to khana to khaya :))...win win situation...

  10. Hmm very nice picture. Though i am a dud when it comes to the finer nuances of photography, i like whaat i see. Plus, i love old delhi. :-)

    Btw, remember me?? I'm back!

  11. @ Joy...

    I am going to take both :) thanks and keep them safe for me

    @ Memyself
    hey... glad to see you here... welcome back !!!

  12. this one is really nice..
    and nothing like B&W

  13. Wonderful post! I also once in a while send such emails to my friends when I haven't been able to keep in touch...and just one thought puts you ona roller coaster ride thru the memory lane, of good times spent with close friends...
    And amazing photographs on your Flickr site...

    And can I add you to my blogroll please?