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I want to forget those few hours !!!

when I saw Ghajini !!!

A medical student playing detective...
A villain who can speak haryanvi, rajasthani and a bit of stuff from UP in the same word...
His men who will fly many feet away in one blow...
Fight sequences picked up from any random South Indian movie and the men too...
Background score ranging from Enigma, to Matrix to Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

That's Ghajini for you...

oh wait there is more...

Aargh !!! forget it...

Even if I do not think about how sadly the director has picked up the idea from Memento, Ghajini is one movie which I feel is absolute CRAP !!!

The only and the only life saver being, Amir's expressions !!!

Ridiculous movie!!! DISGUSTING attempt !!!!

But on second thoughts, this is a movie that I am going to enjoy like crazy if I have a few close friends around !!! I am sure going to Laugh my guts out on almost every scene of the movie !!!

Thank you AR Murugadoss !!! Its idiots like you, because of who, we lesser mortals get a few laughs with friends !!!!

And they live happily ever after !!!


  1. Ditto Murari!

    i didnt like Ghajini at all - and all thru d movie i was wondering "Why Aamir, why??"

    despite this phopa of a movie, he would remain a brilliant, brilliant actor - fantastic xpressions.as for the rest - i've fogotten d rest already.

    hugs, B

  2. hehe.. u criticised it well..:) but u c bollywodd movies w/o some craps again rounds up to crap...;)

    yah a similar question must hav risen to evry1 who is a aamir fan to d core.. " y did aamir take this movie?" :P

    but i guess was a nice time pass urf paisa wasool movie 4 the bollywood admirers[;)]

  3. chalo you saved my 10 bucks. Aint going to watch this one now :)

  4. i wasn't planning to see it anyways

  5. LOL! Thanks for the honest review!

  6. Happy new year hai jee aapko...aap tou bhool chuke hain..maana khaas logon ke saath the...fir bhi...anyway...kya yaar, maine kal ki tickets book karayi hain...

  7. U bet.. fiasco of the year !!!

  8. sir jee!!!

    absolutely true!!! Usually aamir's movies dont need to be marketed but aamir was doing crazy stuff to market it!! including giving ppl his hair cut in amphitheaters!

    you wont believe it is actually doing a good business here in India!

    Philosophy is make any crap stuff but market it intelligently! ;-)
    the movie will be a hit!

    ASIN was also another good reason to watch this movie...(tired of seeing katrina or kareena)...

  9. I agree absolutely cent percent to the review.. I came out with bad headaches..

    And ya .. Asin was the welcome break...

    And I actually liked Rab Ne Bana De Jodi better (not that it was too good...) but atleast that was bearable for a while.

  10. Expectations accomplished ... :)

  11. I knew,the movie was going to be stupid..n i never wanted to watch it..feeling glad,i didnt waste my 3 hours!!

  12. I am happy to see that I am not the only one who thought this movie was unbearable.
    In India, on every hindi TV channel you saw Amir Khan promoting the movie before its release... I actually got tired of seeing him (even though I am a big fan)..
    After watching the movie I understand why he was promoting it so badly, he probably realized its crap so might as well try to get as much money on the first days before word of mouth spreads

  13. same to same wali pinch...
    and same pinch blog post as well...so so so unpleasant a movie experience that was! grr

  14. # Bindiya...
    haan yaar... pata nahin kyon, maybe he was sold to the idea of something similar to Memento and the opportunity to look different and showcase his expressions, but the movie turned out to be crap !!!

    hugs !

    # Arpita...

    I think the tolywood admirers would like it more than bollywood, or maybe they would too... I can't really say as I am pretty choosy about movies I personally like !

    # Aneri...
    $5 mujhe de do... i had to watch it and then get some lemonade and some headache tablets to feel better :P

    # Tushar..
    tu to born samajhdaar hai mere bhai !!! memento dekh le do baar back to back instead of this one

    # Dee...

    # Anony...
    happy new year to you too !

    # Tanu...
    haan yaar !!

    # Ankit...
    I think it would have done because of the pubicity it got... but it seriously is something that I would never want to watch !!

    # Kshitiz...


    # Vaishali
    good you did not...

    half of your movie money is mine now :)

    # Marie Curry...
    I am sure... he must have realised that it was a waste of time to act in the movie.. he probably just wanted to make it up for the loss by making sure the starting is good !!

    # Reeta
    :) :P

  15. yaar bola to tha mat dekhna.. wo bhi bina friends ke.. i agree,with friends i even like the recent shahrukh flick..a dumb movie tht was.

  16. and 'curious case of benjamin button' ,valkryie are good to watch.

    even marley n me is good :)

  17. I totally agree with you ... we would enjoy movies like these immensely when we all watch it together.

  18. Sigh that should teach the directors not to make remakes.. it sucks..

  19. totaly agree with you,it was'nt good as expected.
    asin is nice though.

  20. I don't know what you are cribbing about...also woke me at 7 in the morning to tell me...watch one night at a call center... guaranteed cerebral plasma disorder .. nahi to paise wapas... imagine I am still in shock....

  21. well..honestly i didnt find the movie that bad...though yes, I didnt enjoy it, but i guess that was because it didnt have a captivating story and had a lot of violence and I personally I didnt like the mood or the flavour of the film...Havent seen memento...so cant really compare...

  22. hey, you've been tagged :) ..check out ~

  23. thank God....koi to hari ka laal hai whose opinion abt ths over-violent movie matches to my opinion..

  24. happy new yr hai :)

    i will reserve my judgement till i see it...but its exactly like tamil one (except last few mins) then it wud be crap surely....cuz original sucks big time too.......

    amir trying to be akki-deol-srk mix in one movie :D

    btw he is a good actor (better than rest ofcourse) but not a great one as everyone makes it out....

  25. # Geet...
    maaf karde yaar... phir bhi dekh li :/

    I saw Valkryie, loved it...

    Marley and me dekhta hoon sometime

    # Subbu...
    Bhai maza aa jayega... once I am back we should plan a day together of such movies..

    # Pallavi..
    yea !!!

    # Megha..
    you bet !!!

    # Aro...
    hehehe... I am sorry ... aap mahan ho sir !!!

    # Jagriti...
    Even if I don't compare, I am not really the one such movies are made for... hence this critisim... my reasons of watching were the brilliant actor, and one of the best movies ever Memento where they picked up the plot or now should I say just the tatoos from !!!

    # Friends4Ever...
    LOL @ "hari ka laal" :)

    # Deepu...
    dekh dekh.. batana phir !!!

  26. didn't like the movie either. not rab ne ... I mean they just cudn't match the hype created and the clashes between the khans. thankfully slumdog appeared soon and had a satisfying experience. i hope u liked it.

  27. # Rahi...
    yea Slumdog was good... very good infact !

    Ghajini, phew !!! what a mess !