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Words Worth

Words are like machines, over working or over using them diminishes the effect/ fulfillment of purpose over a period of time...

Constant and over-considerate use of words like
that's a nice thought,
that is a very valid question,
i understand what you are saying,
i will be there for you,
i love you,
trust me,
have faith,
things will be alright,
don't worry,
you are an idiot,
you will never understand,
be with me

is something that I am not sure is the best thing to do..

When I started working on computers, I was told that every key on the keyboard has a life and it will function only those many times... which basically means that if you have used a couple of keys too much over a period of time, you will not be able to use them anymore and that would in turn mean that your sentences would be incomplete, your codes would be erroneous, your programs would be faulty and results might be disastrous too !!! (I think they did not know that Ctrl C and Ctrl V works magic... but then what if the Ctrl key stops functioning? Can't imagine a world without that)

What if the same thing applies to a person too, he can use a certain set of words only an "x" number of times and after that he cannot use that word anymore... It might just help us evaluate what we speak before we do, and also increase the value attached to them !!! Also I need to earn my right to use the words... To start with I think this would apply to me first, I speak freely and too freely at times, but that can be misinterpreted because of multiple reasons... A better way, I guess, would be to hold on to words and take my time before I start talking again... tough? Yes. Doable? again yes? Thinking about it? Yes! Will I do it? Yes!

But then some people say and believe that Silence is golden... I don't really agree to it all the time... There are times when you gotta speak up and there are times when you gotta let something other than your words say what you wanted to say !!!

So all I am saying is open your word tap wisely, there is only so much you are left with !!!

Stills from : Harley Davidson Museum (Milwaukee); Millenium Park (Chicago); Daurala Railway Station, Meerut (UP,India)


  1. You are right, I was thinking about this yesterday. The photograph in the rain is incredible.

  2. Everything in this post is extraordinary..the toughts..and the accompnaying metamorphical pictures.
    Deserve serious thinking.

  3. Wow..this is a great post..shows how clearly by the way you have made the comparison between machines and words..sure some food for thought for everyone!!

    and yeah off track,but i just seemed to notice the local clocks on ur blog..another god feature!!

  4. bro, itz kidn of hard to read your post whn you post the beauty of a HD above the post :|

    well, jokes apart, yeah - i agree with wht u say - over use of any words diminishes the value and carm.. yeah - wise use of word tap is certainly a good idea.. i think i can use that advise :)

  5. I like the compariosn between the 'keys' and 'words'.
    In fact, very often, I ask myself if it is ok to say words like- 'I Love You'...'I care for you'..'I adore you' frequently to the people I love? Obviously, I say it only when I mean it. But do these words lose their meaning, their essence & charm if used frequently? Or frequent usage of these words helps us bond thickly & tightly with the people?

    I know that for me, it is really important to express my feelings to the people I love. I really believe, if you love people, (family, friends, beloved..) then say it, express it...let them know you like them, care for them it helps people bond better.

    So, am I wrong?

  6. oh yes! I think you already know how much I love the second picture. Don't you? :)

  7. That was really abeautiful thouhght...

    nice analogy.... :D :D

  8. hmmm interesting.....

    yes words are extremely potent and some very precious so must be used judiciously and mindfully......i learnt in my training long time ago.. about the concept of sakshi bhava....very usefull: before you say anything... be in an observer mode..and think ....do i really need to say anything in this situation.....will it really make any impact..is the receiver in a receptive mode...wait for a few minutes before uttering...often the immediate retort is unnecessary...then when you speak at the right time with the right words the impact is tremendous.....but it is a tough practice....keep at it !!

    fortunately we are humans and not machines....and some words we are happy to hear and say repeatedly :)

  9. Prash, i'm not a fan of analogies.. in fact i doubt if humans can have an analogy at all. That apart, i really do understand what you're saying but we must understand that some people when they speak to a few, mean every bit of the word no matter how many times they say it... just know that you are amonst that few for some. So as a blanket rule, do not discount them.. their limit is never an 'x' amount..
    I like what you said about "There are times when you gotta speak up and there are times when you gotta let something other than your words say what you wanted to say."

    I'll say to you.. "Have faith" - see i can say it safely since i haven't ever over used it with you :D

    Tc buddy...

  10. Interesting post...

    To me words mean a lot and even more are actions. It takes a lot more patience and time to communicating in silence. Hence the freedom and strength of word/expression/communication remains on top.

  11. @ Anjuli
    its one of my favorites ever :)

    @ Dee

    @ Fighter Jet
    I am not yet finished... I am still thinking about it :)

    @ Vaishali
    thanks... food for thought for myself too :)

    @ Anoop
    wait for a few days, I am going to post about my visit to HD museum... and you can then be silent :)

    As of now, your comments in words are expected :)

    @ Swati
    Wrong? NO !!!
    Expression of feelings? One of the best things to do !

    Too much talking? That's what I am referring to here...

    I love that second picture too

    @ Chakoli
    thanks... interesting :)

    @ Nida...

    @ Joy...
    I would say how much is too much? There are times when ( and this is a personal opinion; and i am in agreement with the disagreement) you just do not want to hear things, you want something else... I cannot keep saying things and not substantiate it with more than just words !!!

    @ Megha

    @ Vinod...
    I must have told this to you before too, but your name reminds me of the movie, Jaane Bhi Do yaaron... every time I write your name, I visualize the way it was said in that movie... ok now about the comment...

    I agree and disagree with you... I am a fan of analogies, I think it helps me build a few connections and think outside of myself...

    now coming to what you said... people saying and meaning what they say.. great ! and I know some of them exist, and have met a few too.. and I am not setting a blanket limit... having said that even for those, I feel they need to extend beyond words at times, and I am sure they do... I would still say that even they have an X amount, just that X amount is Y times larger than the people around :)

    Thanks for the kind words... they sure mean something !!!

    @ Tanu...
    I would disagree if the term words is interchangeably used with expression/communication/exchange of thoughts etc and put in the same league... Words are words, a tool to communicate... and one of the many tools... and we gotta use them right and wisely :)

  12. wat abt an expiry dates... dont some words/phrases have a shelf life...

  13. # FS...
    oh yes... They should have... very nice point :)

  14. Thanks Jas... welcome to Chai ki dukaan !

  15. had silence been golden, bloggers would have been the poorest. They hardly ever keep silent about their feelings. But there needs to be a point behind which even the most compulsive of confessing bloggers shud abstain from speaking.

  16. @ Rahi...
    for some reason I never liked the word blogger to be associated with... not really sure why but !

    @ Nikita
    :) glad !

  17. Hmmm... I have a friend who made me realize that i use the word nice alot. For people particularly. SO one day he told me how fake that sounds that everyone I tell him about is nice. So from that I stopped using the word nice for people. There are a lot of other words that can be used to describe an individual. requires some thinking , some due diligence but it is worth it.

  18. @ Iya...

    you know what really triggered this post... I have recently started working on a project where the PM uses the word "great" for almost everything !!!

    To start with I was ok but then realized that its just a word and does not really attach itself in the way it should to things because of the over use !!!