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Finally Denim

Who says wemmen take a long time in buying things !!!! It took me about 2 years to get a second pair of jeans !!! but I finally did it !!!

I don't remember how many times I tried buying one but never really bought, I even got one but never wore it... my tummy was growing at a rate which the jeans could not take after that first trial attempt !!! However, this weekend, I finally got a pair that I can wear !!! and I am not surprised that its very very similar to what I was wearing so far !! almost the same pattern, almost the same blue !!!

So two now !!! sahi !


  1. oh no no no, that is not almost the same color. those are two very very different colors! Ask any gal and she will agree with me!

  2. LOL...

    are this is the same jeans... one picture is colored the other is a B/W :P

  3. IAm no different..I wear only blues..and almost the same thing..

  4. That reminds me... I have to buy a pair of jeans too.

  5. One jeans all this while ? wasn't that suffocating

  6. Congrats on the new pair of jeans :)

    barf abhi bhi gir rahi hai??????

    btw mere blog ke colours tumhare blog se match kar rahe hain ab :)

  7. and it was not intentional, when I came here I just realised :(

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  9. I don't know why but I'm experiencing deja vu.
    Oh yes! I didn't buy a pair of jeans for 2 years bcoz I didn't get what I wanted. I wear only blues and the same cut.
    Same pinch, Prashant :P

  10. OMG.... it is an epidemic you contracted from a certain species of people who almost alwaysgo for the same blue... I have five pairs in my closet , all same to same.

  11. ....now all u need is a ck ONE - the perfume which I shall gift you when I see you. :)

  12. Just one pair of jeans all this time?!! 8| ...that too in this wintery weather?!...what took you so long to get another pair?!

    Though I do advocate getting a second pair exactly similar to the first. I too stick to one favorite brand that fits me well.

  13. # Vaishali

    # Subbu
    le le...

    # Anony
    not really.. never really felt the need...

    # Kashmira
    hehehe... in a few things yes !

    # Anjuli
    thanks... barf girti hai almost every second day... March tak aise hi rahega !!!

    and same pinch :)

    # Swati
    hehee... same to same pinch to you too

    # Chandan

    # Mon
    thank the you hai ji

    in advance

    # Vagabond
    yea... not now but for about 2 years or maybe 1.5...

    just did not like anything

  14. Congrats hai jee :)at last....
    Marah!! yehi wali 2 lena thi na..ub phir 2 saal lagao gay :P

  15. arre nahin re... Denim ka overdose ho jaata :P

  16. of ho...maine tumhare blog page ki bat ki thi, us par gir rahi hai burf abhi bhi!

  17. han idhar to giregi abhi kuch din aur :) Spring tak to pakki hai !!!