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right place right time

Got a comment on one of the photographs that I posted on Flickr yesterday… The photograph is from Kanha, a weeklong getaway in Madhya Pradesh last year in March. The comment says, “u r always at right place at right time with right gear :) “ and I have been thinking about it since I read it… my reaction to this comment was “Or let’s say there is something right about every place every time where I end up being! :) ” Too philosophical, maybe impractical too, but something inside me has started believing in that very strongly for a while now! Let me put my Positive thinker hat on and write the rest of this post… no one needs to agree to anything that I say (though personally I want everyone to agree with everything that I say, every time I say it, but that’s a different matter)

Had a unexpected break after I wrote the first paragraph and on second thoughts, I am just letting the gyan session go! Till the time I have brighter side algorithms figured out right for myself, I should be fine!!!

On a completely unrelated note, how many of you have heard the “Sunder Kand” of Tulsi Ramayan? Well, more popularly known as the RamCharitmanas! I love to listen to it, can’t make out even 10% of what is being said, and that when my Nani (mother’s mother) remembers almost all of it, my parents understand it fully. I might work on getting the Sundar Kand of Ramcharitmanas here on Chai ki Dukaan sometime in future!! Some of the reasons why I like listening to it are, the voice of Mukesh, the classical music and instruments, and the unexplainable peace that I get from it!


  1. Basking in self glory is oh-so delightful!

  2. sleeping hat gum gai kya...

    but achha hai...achhi cheezen sunne ko mil rahi hai aapko...and hamko soochne ki...and hopefully near future mein...ckd par padne ki bhi...

    this was a nice breath of fresh air...in the middle of a tough work day... :)

  3. @ Anony
    you bet!!!

    @ J
    yea... woke up at 2 for some reason and could not sleep for a while...

    arre aap wo Mukesh ki Ramcharimanas suno... it would be a breath of fresh air when you want it anytime of the day!

  4. Yep..I remeber reading those comments on ur flicker,and saying the same thing..too philosophical!!

    Keep your gyan coming in..Iam sure all chaiwaalahs would love to read and know,how you feel about things!!