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The Rule of Thirds

There are three kinds of conversations that a man can live with all his life

1. A completely non-sensical braindump of bullcrap with no boundries on groseness or irrelevance of two consecutive words or sentences

2. A intellectually stimulating discussion which focuses on problem solving, development and/or sustainability, short or long term

3. A light hearted conversation and argument to know and tell about how much he is loved, wanted and cared for

Continuing with my mathematics (which ended up in my leg being pulled all the way from Dhaka, which I loved by the way!), let’s do some additions… tell me

1+2+3 = ?
1+2 = ?
1+3 = ?
2+3 = ?
1 = ?
2 =?
3= ?

Essentially I am asking; what if a man is getting one or two or all three of these, what does it make him?


  1. A content person!!and let me guess,thats you!

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  3. If one is experiencing all three, a very happy and content person indeed!

  4. i find permutation combination very difficult..yeah to bahut advance class hogai....

    well it makes him a fascinating person to talk to for sure..and some one who can find good company in any one...even if only a talking parrot, who could fulfill his need for 1 pretty easily ;0

    and well for the rest, as every one says....one happy man - the chaiwala perhaps ? :]

  5. @ Sam
    :) just in one situation or all the above?

    @ Vaishali
    yea... could be me, could be anyone!!! this was a general question!!!

    I am content though :) not satisfied but cotent

    @ Jas
    baat to sahi hai...

    par 1+2 or 3+2 or other scenarios mein kya?

    @ J

    Thats a different way to look at it... and nice as well :)

    I was looking at this man from a point, where he is fortunate enough to have people who can talk to him like that... irrespective of his ability of such conversations :)

    chaiwala... umm!!! ho sakta hai :)

  6. 1+2,2+3,1+3 ka pata nahi..but
    1+2+3...A combo of all 3 makes him a 'content and happy man'...umm and if I am allowed to name the pesron then may I say this '3 ka combo - man' sounds a lot like my friend 'Prashant Bhardwaj'? :)

  7. Lets not get personal! I know a lot of people like that!!! :)

  8. ....

    in that case can identify one person who enjoys all these.....a bar tender....or the equivalent of that in india...a road sidee tea vendor....saab duniyaa aati hai wahan....sab kisam ki conversation karne ke liye...

  9. 1+2 ya 2+3 ya 1+3 ka combo ho, phir bhi us insaan ko happy to hona chahiye kyonki aisi conversations ke liye waise log milna bhi bahut mushkil hai aajkal!