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Hold on

Say the truth, the way it should be said
but hold on to your immediate reactions
check if the words are worth it, or the person is worth it, or is the time right!

Also, keep your distance from the people
1. who are judgmental and like to jump to conclusions
2. who tend to swing like pendulums with their actions/words/feelings/emotions


  1. I agree with every word you've written. Hope you don't mind me adding my point here..
    People are neither born judgemental nor like pendulums...circumstances..
    umm...experiences make them like that. I agree that does not give them the liberty to judge people and swing like pendulums but if people realise their mistake and make an effort to learn, to improve...they should be given a second chance.
    Yes or No?

  2. I somehow agree with the first point about people being judemental in relationships..however dont agree to what you said next.For me,behaviour is very reciprocal !! one should behave the way the/she is treated, as probably thats the way others want to be treated
    I dont know if I understood correctly what you tring to convey here..Personally, I try my best and give my 100% to relationships, but when I see that the other person is not giving any sh*t to me,I give up..theres no point being a doormat for someone,who is not willing to be with you!!

  3. I completely agree about maintaining distance from a certain kind of people. And I'm learning the art of (if I may say so) being civil/having fun with them but not sharing things which I shouldn't because of their nature. Works perfectly well!

  4. Thanks for your comments folks!!! however I would not be responding to these as this post was a note to myself! I see different points of view towards things, and that completely makes sense!

    Appreciate your thoughts on this!

  5. hmmm .....

    well I found you to be 1 and 2 sometimes. Does that mean I distance myself from our friendship ?

    NOPE.. :)


    Because I love you. :) People have their own reasons to be the way they are. When we love them we can only try to understand them and do our best.. rest is not our responsibility.

    See I am being Honest.. :) and I am telling you what needs to be told right now.. NO thinking or manipulating..

    so for me the following has worked perfect

    1. Be nice to who is nice
    2. Be patient to the one who isn't nice or is mean
    3. you love me, I love you; you ignore me I ignore you :)

    chee u...

  6. @ Tanu
    I am glad you chose to wrote! and I am sorry if I have been judgmental and/or pendulumish!!!

    We are different people, and we live our lives differently! that is the magic of being a human i guess!!