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Do ke Pahaade

2 ones are 2
2 twos are 4

2 oneza too
2 toozaa foor
2 threezaa siiix
2 forza eeeeight
2 fiveza teeen
2 sixza twwwwelve
2 sevenza foorteeen
2 ate-za sixteeeen
2 nine-za eighteeeen
2 tenza twenty

ikk duni do
do duni chaar
tinn duni che
chaar duni aath
punj duni dus
che duni baraanh
sat duni chaudanh
aath duni solanh
nau duni athaaranh
dus duni veeh!

2 ekum do
2 dooni chaar
2 tiya che
2 chawke aath
2 panje dus
2 chikke baraa
2 satte chaudhah
2 atthe solah
2 nimme at-tharah
2 dhain bees

and while we are at it... why don't we sing along with my favorite Shammi Kapoor!!!


  1. okay so you get 2 out of 10 for this attempt....

    oh i meant 2 into 10 ;0

    achha hai maths revise kar rahe ho...from the very basics... ;p

  2. When I was in grade 1 and learning tables, I was not able to memorize the multiplication table of 5. It was a summer night, my Dad was in England at that time, and my Mom had said that I would not get any dinner until I was able to memorize that table. Damn it was too hard then! Yeah, you guessed it right, it was 2 am when I was finally able to memorize and say it back to her...after numerous rounds of "pitai" and tears and crying and wishing that Dad was there! Got to eat dinner as well! :D
    Shudder! Never was good at maths. Not then, not now! :D

  3. Baap re!yahan to Maths ki classes chal rahi hai.

    I dreaded Maths and 'tables'...mere paseenay aur aansoon dono aatey thay..aur mere bhaiya kabhi bhi pakad ke tables sunnay lagtay and I used to look for excuses and run away! hehehe!
    I used to have nightmares before Maths tests and exams..brrr.. :(

    Today my job requires a lot of calculations everyday...I need figures,stats... before I plan work or projects and THANKFULLY I enjoy playing with numbers and I don't dread it so much now :)

    PS: please maths class se bahut achchi, cookery class hai(hint!hint)

  4. Your posts make sense in the most fascinating ways.. ;)

  5. @ Joeee
    :) hehehe... ji ji... abhi hum aur bhi padenge!!! aap zara gana mulaiza farmaiye!!!

    @ Jas
    :) I could remember everything till 12 so easy... but after that meri to lag leti thi!!!

    Mom tells me that I knew 2 ka pahada even before I knew how to speak properly!

    @ Swati

    Maths has been my favorite subjects always!! I guess I get it from Pa!

    I have no clue about cooking as compared to the maharathis around... but will post something again soon!

    @ Mayuri

    Gaana suno... maza aayega!!!

    @ Sam
    :) I wonder what sense this one made!!! :) but I am glad if you like them Sam!

    Do enjoy the song, if you come back to this post!

  6. this song is just so up your alley...

    hannh aap aaur padhai karo...test pass kiya to shayaad achha sa prize bhi mile sakta hai.....kya pata..

    ans i know 11 ka table very well...;0

  7. Hahaaa!! I always used to think 2 toozaa fooor as well. Hahaaa!!

  8. gaana toh ekdum rocking hai...

    i know shammi's all songs by heart .. he's my first celeb crush


  9. beech waale pahaade padh kar sabse zyada anand aaya..

  10. Hahaha !
    Mindblowing sir !

    Lovely post.
    And what an amazing song.

    Sorry for the absence on commenting..
    Just been dead busy with things!