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The large and small!

I have been able to experience a few extremes with my stay in the US, and I really like that fact...

Things that I could only imagine, or maybe not, were there in front of my eyes!

Talking about large ...

Being the country with more than 9 times zones all territories considered

Niagara which has close to about 561000 litres of water flowing down per second

Being able to drive the distance between New Delhi and Kanya Kumari over a long weekend

and the other extreme... small...

What would you call a 40 seater bus which makes awfully loud sound and can fly? no points for guessing that it’s called an aeroplane and this size is very popular for short distances in the states... my flight from Syracuse was a CRJ200 Bombardier Regional Jet with a seating capacity of 50 (2 pilots, 1 crew member, 42 passenger seats - 9 rows of 4 seats each, and 1 of 6 , I am not sure where are the other seats) and if this was small, there was another flight which had only 3 seats in a row, more rows though, and just enough headroom for me to stand properly... now the good part about these flights is that they have a good amount of legroom, and if you are not taller than 6ft you should be able to stretch your legs all the way... the bad part is that you might have to move around if the plane is empty to distribute the weight for a take off!!! It’s a plane, I understand a bit of the weight balance and aerodynamics but still found it amusing when I was asked to move the first time :D

I think these planes make more sense to fly low traffic routes in India instead of the large Boeings or Airbuses. I wonder why they use large aircrafts all the time.

Taking about sizes, here is something for you to read and think about...

"On a diagram of the solar system to scale, with Earth reduced to about the diameter of a pea, Jupiter would be over a thousand feet away and Pluto would be a mile and a half distant (and about the size of a bacterium, so you wouldn't be able to see it anyway). One the same scale, Proxima Centauri, our nearest star, would be almost ten thousand miles away. Even if you shrank down everything so that Jupiter was as small as the period at the end of this sentence, and Pluto was no bigger than a molecule, Pluto would still be over thirty-five feet away. (Bill Bryson - A Short History of Nearly Everything)"

And speaking of distances and history... some distances do get covered in due course of time and some milestones do become history... one of such is about to happen shortly while I am writing this!


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